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In Peru, near the capital enlonavty in 1991 forcibly carried away in a UFO two miners, pulling them out of the car. The names of the miners — and De Rozarri Pozo. Putting humans on the tables, the aliens have extorted from them a huge amount of blood taken, if a study sample of the skin and nails. Way of sucking blood "kosmitov" is simple: they "shake" it directly through the skin. This process is described in different cases varying degrees of pain. Often the "guinea" unbearably painful.

Mexico. Six "insectoid" creatures of the same, 1991, was dragged into the mother and daughter into a ship, holding 4:00 on a metal table, pumped from both a large amount of blood.

The same year. Ryazan. The girl was in the house alone. Hit the top of a powerful beam (to be understood, because the window?), And "unknown force" off the girl from the floor. Then she felt as if someone's hands "skinned from her back." It was unbearable, and she began to cry. Voice coming from nowhere and demanded that the girl was suffering, or "will be worse" … Returnees parents caught daughter unconscious. She was lying naked on the floor. All back girl was purple …

A year earlier, in Italy, near the town of Belluno, disappeared worker named Provenzano. The search failed. But looking for it for long: two days Provenzano was found, but it was not a living space … He did not remember anything, so doctors have applied to it the method of regressive hypnosis. In these sessions, Provenzano remembered that he was under examination green-gray creatures (again, the "gray"!). Except that he, like almost all have been in such a "laboratory", took all kinds of "tests", he was subjected to more and of electric discharges and radiation, was lowered into the hot liquid to lubricate the skin by various corrosive agents.

In the same 1990, Boldyrev, fitter dockyard in the Slav settlement that near Vladivostok, four months kidnaps three times! Every time he was on the UFO for three days. All three trips detrimental to human health. Besides that his body were bleeding wounds with him there happened something more terrible: if after the second abduction in a few days, he still came to, then after the third question it very slowed gait is no longer natural, being made a "mechanical" and his mother and wife, he did not recognize. Ufologists shown on television Boldyrev Nakhodka.

Natasha narrowly escaped abduction Barinova Nalchik in 1989 (they attacked her network with hexagonal cells — very light and strong). The girl began to scream, and she was saved. A Swede Ente Johnson in 1984, helped by the fact that during the fight with six enlonavtami, who tried to get him out of the car, he suddenly lost consciousness. They fell behind! In light of the known trend "off" enlonavtami memory "guinea" dare to doubt: behind it? ..

In 1965, Argentina tried to steal the farmer. There were five, but the farmer was not alone who saw the abduction of a neighbor, without thinking twice, carried a gun and opened fire on enlonavtov. Wildest in this story is that "kosmity" tried to kidnap a man is not what made this rude and inconsiderate, and not what the neighbor used a weapon. Strikingly, … They returned to the farmer, and the entire history of the struggle and shooting again! By the way, here defended neighbor neighbor. We learn from Latinos …

There is a theory of the origin of UFOs, which considers the object of a living being, which produces, if necessary, all the things that he sees a witness inside the object: enlonavtov, tables and chairs, appliances, screens, and more. Something like a beetle "kfulu" in the American science fiction writer Robert Sheckley: he invented the beetle feeds on the thoughts and emotions … After becoming acquainted with these events in this chapter will inevitably have to think that none of enlonavtov not capable of independent thought, and comes meaningful only to a certain extent — to the dose, which eased him materialize it exist "plate."

And often there are cases when "parent" body UFO "spewing" from a multitude of small objects is very similar to "delivery" .. It is hard not to consider those robots "invaders" who deceived random blackouts Swede Johnson: a man with a disabled mind instantly ceased to interest them. The feeling that kosmity were programmed to … stirring object! Corpse (and what is loss of consciousness, not as a temporary shutdown: on their "radar" Johnson stopped "blink"), he was absolutely not necessary.

It is not known whether the UFO being conscious, or behaves in much the same as you and I, when, for example, want to have: we have no power to stop or start the process of saliva. He takes on the instinctive level. Brighten — example of leukocytes in our blood that the "team" "defenders" of the body from viruses and other nasty things came to the fight, we usually do not happen are informed, and only pus or fever tells us, that such a conflict within us, or is carried out.

Are not the "gray" enlonavty — leukocytes UFO? Are the UFOs — leukocytes planet? How many times throughout Earth's history from the time of the Pharaohs, they interfered in the Earth's history? It is said, of course, only as a "thought-provoking information." Suddenly, the assumption is still an element of truth, and someone will develop it in the right direction …

But continue on the outrages (otherwise it can not be called). While the "rare", but there are kidnappings, abductions identical animals. This is also suggestive of "unconsciousness" enlonavtov. Found in different parts of the world for the last five or six years, the corpses of people characterized by similar features: deep circular wounds on the body (very reminiscent of the wounds in cattle), the absence of any internal organs transplanted, as it sometimes seems, directly through the skin ( as can be, for example, the suspect and the healers!), and fully bled. While in Brazil, such corpses recorded "only" 12, we set a number of finds obscheplanetnom scale is very impressive.

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