Aliens living in the mountains?

Newly available media were truly sensational documents concerning the Chinese expedition of archaeologists who in 2002 went to the north-west China's desert outback Province Cong Hai, to investigate reports of a strange discovery made by nomadic pastoralists in the mountain Baygongshan.

In this place they found three entrances into the mountain. Two of them have long collapsed, and the third at a height of two meters from the ground, kept in a shallow cave. Researchers immediately noted that the walls are very smooth, as if specially ground. But what is most striking — at the far end of the cave walls stood iron rusted pipe with a diameter of about 40 centimeters. Another is the same pipe goes underground — in the floor of the cave was visible only its upper part. Overall, astonished archaeologists found 12 pipes embedded in the mountain vertically.

But that's not all — of the rock, about 80 meters from the mountain, a salt lake located Toson. So, on the bank of rocks and sandy soil sticking same iron pipes, but smaller diameter from 2 to 10 inches.

Several fragments of mysterious tubes were taken for laboratory testing. By chemical analysis, scientists have come to confusion. It was found that the age of these structures consisting of 30% iron oxide, a significant amount of silicon dioxide and calcium oxide over … 40,000 years. That is quite obvious that the iron pipes were made at a time when humanity is not only did not have this kind of technology development, but also did not work metals.

Of course, the answer to the question of who and what lay a pipe in the mountain, the scientists can not answer. At the same time, according to current perceptions of local residents believed to Mount Baygongshan — the remains of structures created by an unknown ancient civilization.

According to experts on paleocontacts — visits of aliens on Earth in ancient times, it is possible that at one time was Baygongshane base space aliens. It is possible that if you trace where leave discovered pipes, you'll find more substantial evidence of this release.

The death of the "Titanic" — solid puzzle

In connection with the 100th anniversary of the death of the famous liner "Titanic" in the U.S. declassified documents of the Senate investigation on the case, which describe very mysterious phenomena associated with the tragedy.

Thus, in particular, near the site of the crash seen strange lights, which have not been identified. They flew out of the water and went up into the sky. Thus provides evidence of one of the few survivors from the boats passengers, Anna White: "I was in a lifeboat number six. Exactly one hour forty (I wore hours) I saw around the stern of the ship a large glowing object. Men said it lights of another ship, "Carpathia", which will save us. We joyfully cried and told the sailors to row as fast as possible. About ten boats floated on the light. But half an hour later the lights went out … It turned out, no ship nearby, and "Carpathia" only came in an hour. "

Another interesting archival document — a copy of the ship's log, the Norwegian "Kukzhen." Record it on April 15, 1912 states that the captain of the ship for a few hours before the crash observed at the place Atlantic, where sank the "Titanic", a giant whirlpool.

We also know that on the night of 14 to 15 April 1924, exactly 12 years after the death of the "Titanic", several naval stations recorded an SOS call sign of the vessel with MGY, have been assigned to the ill-fated ship to the first and last flight. Since then, the call sign of MGY regularly with a difference of six years, appeared on the air within a radius of about two thousand miles from the wreck of "Titanic." The last time such a distress signal received Canadian vessel crew in April 1996. We know that in 60 years the problem became interested in the CIA, but the U.S. intelligence community has not managed to find the source of mysterious radio.

Quest monsters will man

It seems that the world-famous project SETI, the members of which over half a century engaged in a fruitless search for signals from aliens, finds a second life. The fact that the place of the legendary Jill Tarter, who recently left as head of the Center for Project SETI, a man came with a fundamentally new concept of Contact.

So if the Tartar, who for 35 years relied on messages from intelligent beings, her successor astronomer Geoffrey Marcy wants to proceed at once to find the places where they can live aliens. And it seems that the new head of SETI is able to cope with this task — until recently it was known the scientific community as an active member of opening 110 exoplanets — planets belonging to other star systems.

According to Geoffrey Marcy, efforts in recent years to search for extrasolar planets, in fact, were part of the efforts to find extraterrestrial life. Success scientist believes understanding potentially habitable worlds billions and tens of billions in the Milky Way alone. It is emphasized that the technologically advanced life is likely where there is land, and water bodies, that is, on planets like Earth. Perhaps these worlds are rare — no more than one in 10 000 planets in the habitable zone. However, even in this case there are millions just in our galaxy.

Meanwhile, by a retired lady Jill Tarter is not going to completely withdraw from the project. She is using his connections and authority, will seek additional financing, as well as the popularization of advanced scientific ideas related to the search for extraterrestrial civilizations.

According to Tarter, in society there is a definite handicap common notions about aliens. Therefore, the authors are behind the Hollywood fantasy films as a benevolent alien, and with seeking to destroy the Earth from space monsters. All this has nothing to do with what will be actually the first contact with aliens.

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