ALIENS occupied Mexico!

"Mexico — a country of mysteries. Mysterious ancient homeland," precocious "advanced Amerindian civilizations. Every corner found traces of aliens. One of the most intriguing in this respect looks located on the same latitude as the Bermuda Triangle and the Egyptian pyramids of Zone of Silence, where none at the unit, where they live two-headed lizards and turtles, where almost no wonder UFOs and strange people walking, talking with mechanical accent! "

Mexican phenomena
"But the Mexican phenomena do not end there. At Teotihuacan, for example, the famous street dead, which is, according to ufologists, a giant runway remaining from ancient times."

Palenque — ruins of a large city in the state of Chiapas, the political and cultural center of the Mayan III-VIII centuries — another mystery. In the early 50's. Twentieth century, there has been an extensive archaeological work, the results of which experts scratching their heads for half a century.

In the Temple of the Inscriptions at Palenque Mayan archaeologist Alberto Ruz discovered the stairs leading to the crypt, located underground at a depth of 25 meters. It was a massive sarcophagus, covered with carved stone slab. Plate decorated with images of a young man with a big nose and mongoloid features, whether sitting in the cab, or ride on any device, presumably, the flying.

In the sarcophagus lay the skeleton of a man rise about two meters, that is higher than normal Mayans. His teeth are stained red, were cut down in the fashion of the local nobility. Gorgeous face mask covers, made of two hundred pieces of precious jade.

Some experts believe that the tomb belonged to the god found Kukulkanu, others — space aliens, who was among the ancient Maya, as the gods descended to Earth, are mentioned in the Sanskrit classics and in the legends of all the peoples of the world.

According to scientists, the characters on the plate pose a galactic encrypted message, which is likely, according to the rules governing the spacecraft.

The man, whose image is on the stove, a helmet on his head, and looks forward to move the ship. His hands are on the levers of control, his head rests on the head rest, and can be seen in the nose breathing tubes. Located at the front of the ship bird — this, according to the scientists, the parrot, symbolizing, according to representations Mayan Sun God. There are also seen three "receiver", obviously accumulating energy, and other "traps" that form three groups.

Ship propulsion system, divided into four sections, located behind the pilot. Clearly shows the effect of the power plant in the form of a flame at the rear of the machine.

Another UFO Mecca for tourists and destinations Tepostlan are located between two mountain ridges. Monthly local people here watching the emergence of huge plasma balls coming down from the mountains into the valley. In November and December approach them very dangerous, because they absorb a lot of energy.

Indians have always identified these places with God Quetzalcoatl. To worship him was built a huge pyramid, which lies just to the left petrified object, resembling a UFO. On the opposite side you can see the stone face, perhaps aliens.

It has recently been discovered magnetically active zone, which is located in the city of Veracruz. In the neighboring village of Veracruz live 500 people, half of whom were abducted by a UFO. After a while, they were returned, but with a completely different mentality.

UFO Squadron
The last few decades, Mexico particularly intense visited by aliens. Each month on TV comes to one hundred reports of sightings of UFOs. The share of fakes in this thread — is very small.

Almost all of Mexico's population believes in the reality of other worlds. Mexicans perceive the appearance of unknown objects with a mixture of excitement, wonder and awe. And it simply makes no sense diligently to forge an image of UFOs. It should be patient and not today or tomorrow, be sure to be able to shoot the aliens flying overhead.

"In the morning July 5, 2002 UFOs appeared over the eastern part of Mexico. Journalist Geraldo Martinez Fernandez saw from the window of his car, he told the giant order of 15-20 UFOs flying in a straight line in the sky over the capital."

Other witnesses claimed that the UFO flew out of the huge spherical object, as if separated from the mother ship.

"On the same day ufologist Alfonso Salazar noticed a large spherical UFO that was flying from east to west over the left runway of the International Airport of Mexico City. Sharp object soared and disappeared in the clouds at a height of about three and a half miles."

"It looks like a UFO in the late afternoon, eyewitnesses observed above the volcano La Malintzin in the state of Tlaxcala. Facility strange noise, comparable to the sound of an electric motor. Itself was bright red, but at its center was a blue core."

March 5, 2004 military pilot Maj. Magdaleno Kastanon was ordered to inspect the air territory of the province of Campeche in search of coca. After rising to a height of 3.5 kilometers, he said at the ground, he sees strange luminous objects of about a dozen (it turned out that there were 16). Interestingly, the radar recorded only three UFOs.

"A few minutes later the pilot shouted: This is something supernatural, they are rational, they are all around us! Then on the ground, he explained that luminous objects closer to the plane and surrounded on four sides. Moreover, they have equated his speed with speed aircraft . It made me pretty nervous, — added Kastanon. "

UFO escorted the plane about 20 minutes, until they have not approached hastily raised fighters. According to witnesses, the mysterious balls disappeared at the same time, as if they had never existed.

Soon after the 15-minute videotape, shot from a plane Kastanona, fell into the hands of journalists and was shown on television.

Mexican pilots encountered UFOs in the past, but this case, the researchers said, is different from the others in the fact that almost the first time meeting with unidentified flying objects have officially confirmed senior military officials.

UFO — the part of the military might of Mexico!
A year later, in June 2005, a dozen UFO appeared in the sky over the Mexican city of Xalapa. Witnessed the incident became governor Fidel Herrera Beltran Xalapa, city officials, police officers and journalists gathered at the ceremony of transfer of the municipality of new patrol cars of the police department.

"Lit up" in public UFO after the governor finished his speech of welcome. Suddenly people began to point fingers up and shout: "UFO! UFO! "Newspaper reporters immediately began snapping cameras, camcorders and TV crew to shoot an incredible air show.

The show, according to witnesses, was really awesome. UFO Squadron, at least 14 sites, within half an hour remained almost stationary in the sky, forming a sort of triangle.

A few days later, another large group of UFO appeared over the capital of Mexico. Early in the morning, hundreds of people showed up at the sky, where slowly cruised around forty huge flying saucers!

According to ufologist Pedro Avila, they looked metallic, spherical and glistened in the sun. UFO moved synchronously, and they were accompanied by extremely large object, keep a few above the rest.

UFOs appear annually during a military parade on Independence Day in Mexico. Frisbees escorted by fighter aircraft and helicopter operation, maneuvering like showing off their flying qualities. It has already become a tradition. It seems that the aliens are aware of their spacecraft, part of the military power of the country and show solidarity with the Mexican people.

The well-known Mexican ufologist and broadcaster Jaime Maussana, an unprecedented invasion of UFOs in Mexico can be explained by the desire of unknown reasonable forces have a psychological impact on the population of the whole country in terms of its peculiar adaptation to the assaults of the UFO.

In the next step, according to Maussana, you can expect a similar invasion of a neighboring country — the United States of America. And after all of humanity will get used to flying saucers may be held their mass arrival on our planet …

Meanwhile, as they say, time to cast stones. Exactly what the Jaime Maussan. At a recent UFO show in San Francisco, he showed a video given to him a woman, who wishes to remain anonymous. Analysis of the record showed no fraud.

One night she heard a strange buzzing coming from the bushes near her home, and decided to find out why strange noise.

What she saw, coming down the steps, it is impossible to put into words. Still, she had the nerve to go back to the house, pick up and shoot the creature, who was sitting in the bushes. Monster depicted in the film, was little more than a meter in height with arms and legs. But his head is more like a head insect than human!

The image on the video constantly twitches and the voice of a woman who kept repeating the words of prayer, crying out to God for the protection of the devil.

Witch of the city
Mexicans are, indeed, very devout people. The country has not met any of the village, in which there would be no church, chapel or, at worst, simply set outside flowered figures of the Virgin of Guadalupe, which Catholics consider to be their patron. However, the Mexicans unconditionally believe in evil spirits: ghosts, witches, werewolves.

In 2004, Mexico was all excited about the appearance of a flying witch. Wrote about it in all the newspapers. It all started with the fact that a police officer Leonardo Samaniego from the city of Monterrey, performing regular patrol detour on the night street noticed the black flying object. He fell like a tree and hung in the air above the pavement. Then he turned to the approaching police car. Leonardo included additional light to see that there is.

As he later wrote in an explanatory note in front of him was a woman, dressed in a black robe with a hood. It hovered for a moment above the ground, and then gently landed and stared at the man in the car.

Blinded by the light, it is first covered her face, and then ran to the car and literally attacked her, trying to get to the police.

"It is slowly declining, as though they were going. Her huge, completely black eyes without pupils, like a zombie. When this "witch" flew to me, I immediately contacted the patrol on the radio and called for help — told Samaniego. — I saw it fly, and backpedaled. "

Witch dealt a severe blow to the windshield, from which it cracked. Then she floated for a while on the machine at a fantastic rate, and then again hit the glass.

Leonardo said that the witch wanted to get to him, come what may. All this gave him in indescribable horror. Creature from another world beating on the glass with their fangs and claws. The life policeman saved by the fact that he never got out.

Terrible fear of the officer closed his eyes, because he could no longer see stuck to the windshield of a nightmare, and lost consciousness. A few minutes later arrived at the scene raised the alarm and police cars "first aid."

By this time the witch was gone. At police headquarters Leonardo Samaniego was tested for the presence of alcohol in his blood and drugs. However, the test results were normal, and psychiatric examination showed that mentally he is completely healthy.

As soon as the incident reported on television, as amended rained dozens of applications from people who told of similar meetings. Norma Herrera, for example, told reporters as clear day, while walking with his younger brother in the park, she noticed a woman flying over the trees in black. Brother fell ill in the evening of his past week and could not recover.

Soon on TV even sent a video of flying being done by one of the residents of Monterrey.

The resulting panic was so severe that in the regions with the flying vermin, introduced additional patrols to protect the frightened residents who feared to the streets.

Festival of magicians and wizards
Mexican writer Octavio Paz once said that Mexicans are "intimately familiar with death, jokes about it, caresses it, sleep with it and celebrate it."

In November, Mexico hosted the traditional Feast of the Dead, in which the living remember their ancestors, and, according to popular belief, the dead have a chance to visit their former homes and families.

In most areas of modern-day Mexico celebrates two days: the first is dedicated to the dead children, and the second — the dead adults. In cemeteries people drink, eat, tearing their clothes and sprinkle ashes from dusk to dawn.

Every year in Mexico, a festival of magicians and sorcerers. Mexico City for a few days turns into an enchanted city, which, as if by magic, from Latin America flock to a variety of wizards, magicians and sorcerers.

In this esoteric festival can meet representatives of various professions: astrologers, psychics, fortune tellers, ufologists and healers. No inhabitant of the Mexican capital, let alone tourists, not indifferent to this magical holiday. The fact is that for each person in your wizard is a surprise, is able to intrigue and draw attention to their craft.

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