Aliens under the ground: People are looking for drillers

Suddenly, as if by agreement, ufologists from different countries began to discuss the topic of underground bases aliens. It turns out that these databases are available almost anywhere in the U.S., Chile, China, and, of course, Russia. Immediately raises the question of why underground?

The use of underground space

That is to list only some places where, according to ufologists may be unidentified underground facilities — NGO. In China, on the hillside located Mean Black Bamboo Valley. Local residents believe that the road there — a "one-way road," which leads people into the underground world of the dead. People risked go to the gorge, has completely disappeared. In 1976, the Black Bamboo Valley sent a group of foresters. Two of them never returned. The rest were told incredible things. As if the travelers suddenly fell thick shroud of fog. Then there was the unusual sounds that caused the public's sense of terror and force them to quickly leave the valley.

UFOs often appear out of the ocean.

In 1980, off the coast of California, recorded sonar under the ocean a huge cavity. Scientists have questioned the crew, a flight over the area. The sailors said that sometimes at night seen at the bottom of the mysterious glow. The crews of submarines, in addition, they observed the lights, sometimes heard sounded like buzz and hum of some mechanisms.

In 1996, in the Colorado desert geologists, using the new sonar equipment found at a depth of 2.5 kilometers object of unknown origin, is not less than 100 meters in diameter. Employees of seismic stations located in the same area reported that their devices repeatedly recorded movement underground mysterious objects. Their speed was 200 miles per hour!

In 2003, scientists at the Institute for Biophysical Omar Jose and Jorge Dilletayna investigated area mountain ranges running in Argentina from La Poma to Kayafate. Near town Cacho specialists faced with high levels of radioactivity, and the electrification of the soil, with its vibration and microwaves. Biophysics decided that this is a consequence of certain technical devices which are deep underground.

Strategic assets under the control of the U.S.

Tabi Allen, head of the American Center for Groundwater Research, collected and systematized all such information received from the public and private seismic stations and numerous UFO associations. The results of their research Tabi outlined in the report, which demonstrated the link between the underground movement, the signals from the ground and the appearance of UFOs. U.S. military interest in the work done by the Center for Groundwater Research. Composed Tabi map drawn on it data on the movements of NGO experts from the Pentagon compared with the location of the most important U.S. strategic assets. It turned out that the place to identify a strange underground activities generally spread throughout America, but in areas where there are military bases and other similar structures, the number of NGOs sharply.

Communication "Earth-to-space"

Now, fast in Khakassia. Here in the mountains of the Kuznetsk Alatau, is the well-known Russian ufologists Kashkulakskaya cave. In the Russian translation of the name means "cave of black devil." For years, scientists have come here regularly from the Novosibirsk Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Academy of Medical Sciences. Researchers interested in the plight of people caught in a cave for a long time. Periodically such underground travelers covered overwhelming sense of horror, under the impression that they rushed to the door.

Unidentified flying object over a military base.

Novosibirsk are placed in the cave and around the magnetometers and other instruments, and compared changes in their data. It turned out that a sharp increase in the magnetic field is fixed, precision coincided with the appearance of people feeling panic. External devices are not located exactly on the contour of the cave, almost did not notice changes in the field, while underground, judging filed other measuring equipment, real magnetic storm raged. Some of the scientists who conducted the study, believed that the cave runs a unique beacon transmits signals through the thickness of the rock straight up into space.

Russian nuclear "Battle mole"

One hypothesis is the existence of underground bases aliens is very simple. The study of alien Aboriginal humans are best carried out when they are unaware that they are being watched.

But is it possible that the aliens have such advanced technologies? Even as possible! Moreover, these technologies have long been developed on Earth. Already in the early 60's of the last century in the Soviet Union there was a project to create podzemohoda. Leningrad professor GI Babat suggested that energy supply podzemohod by using microwave radiation. Equip his "underground torpedoes" recommended Academician AD Sugars. As a result, given the trophy drawings, domestic development engineers and inventors Trebeleva A. and R. Trebeletskogo, and different ideas of other scientists have created several options podzemohoda.

In 1962, in the Ukraine, in the town Hromovka, built a strategic plant for the mass production of underground boat "Battle mole." Energy boat provided onboard nuclear reactor. "Mole" had a titanium body diameter of 3.8 m and a length of 35 meters, the crew assumed in the amount of 16 people, and the speed of the underground — to seven miles per hour. The purpose of a new machine was formulated as a "search and destroy missile silos and bunkers of the enemy."

Underground nuclear boats had in the Urals, in the Rostov region and in the suburban Nakhabino. In the last test in the Urals, "Battle mole" somehow exploded. After the disaster of the Ural further testing, "Battle mole" was stopped, all materials on the project secret.

…It turns out that the aliens, having a more advanced technical means, can arrange their base at depths where humans have not yet immersed in the state, and slowly explore this planet. The only question is: for what purpose?

Ivan Reshetnikov

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