Aliens will help mankind survive?

In any handbook states that parasites — the consumers, they always live off other organisms. Parasites use different strategies to survive, one of which — the deprivation of reproduction of those who are forced to, but it helps to exist. Among the scholars are of the opinion that alien beings gradually castrated humanity through implanted into human bodies subjects. In this case, it is clear which of us parasite, and who enslaved donor.

Of all the stories about alien abductions earthlings us the most shocking stories about what the kidnappers allegedly trying to create a "hybrid" offspring — humanoids who would be able to bridge the gap between human society and the society of "other." This notorious "breeding program" because of his anxiety (and often erotic) subtext was the main component of many books.

It is believed that the UFO abduction phenomenon and necessarily linked to each other: UFOs — are exotic vehicles used by thieves to carry out their tasks. But where these UFOs fly? Where do we get the idea that is sure to distant planets or the others galaxies? And why not with underground or underwater bases that exist here on Earth, we have at hand?
It is also believed that people have to steal the ubiquitous "gray" — they suffer from a kind of genetic disease, which deprived them from natural conception, and their only hope — this infusion of human DNA. This version is far from perfect, and it is noted by many critics. Geneticists have scoffed at the idea that men are genetically compatible with aliens: it is about the same as if the person was trying to successfully mate with insects — scientists say.
True, recent discoveries in the transgenic engineering allow you to do the impossible (but artificial). Yet it is hard to imagine that advanced aliens — presumably, thousands of years ahead of us in development — would rely on kidnapping unsuspecting people, they need to get genetic samples. This hypothesis seems particularly absurd in relation to a civilization capable of interstellar travel or instant passage through space-time. By logic, they should have to have knowledge of genetic engineering, significantly exceeding our own. Even civilization, only a few hundred years ahead of us, probably could have coped with the basic principles of nanotechnology and would consider outdated methods such as, for example, the forced removal of the egg or sperm.
All this suggests that the "aliens" (or at least some of their race) does not arrive to us from some distant star system, and may well be our close neighbors, actually contacted us common areas. And their frequent allusions to space (like the famous "star chart" shown abduktantke Betty Hill) may be a ruse devised in order to please the our collective infatuation with "space visitors" and force us to seek not close to home, and somewhere in space altitudes. A persistent genetic interest "newcomers" to earthlings just proves that they are — have long been associated with our kindred species.
It is clear that not all "kontaktanty" describes a meeting with friendly and like us aliens were liars and cranks. It is possible that some were really dealing with the real aliens. And the fact that "other" first appeared here as space travelers soon after the creation of nuclear weapons in the world, may seem to contradict the version of their earthly origin. But is it? If you secretly living among savages, and watched as they have at their disposal more and more destructive weapons, or about to be destroyed (burned, flooded, etc.) the territory where you are and you are, then you probably originated would be tempted to intervene.
But for your own safety you probably would prefer to do this so as not to give out their own existence, and at the same time somehow get your message across to those very savages.

If we share our planet with the local "other" — a version of their terrestrial origin seem to be as robust as the extraterrestrial hypothesis, then, of course, it is possible that in numbers, if not technically, we are superior to them. "Other" would have been forced to live on the periphery of the normal human perception and possibly use against us some methods similar to the recent major breakthroughs in creating interfaces for thinking machines and "mind control." But is it?
Is not it suspicious that, for example, a lot of contact with extraterrestrials are associated with the use of chemicals, and the needles are inserted into the victim's head? Sometimes people are asked to drink stolen some sickening drinks before talking with the "crew", or they are given to see some images or scenes that may be intended for the psychedelic "processing." In other words, the aliens-terrestrial or extraterrestrial — clearly prefer to change our perception of reality. We would like to participate in the forced contact, giving us the luxury of not trust your feelings. But excuse me, how this is consistent with the popular description of dispassionate extraterrestrial scientists who do not care about our feelings (and that seems to take care of our earthly affairs and sympathize with us no more than sympathetic to their laboratory test rats)?
What about post-hypnotic commands from the "aliens", ordered to forget all experienced? Why are these the barriers very often possible to "break" with such amazing ease? I do not because we know we're not dealing with stellar aliens, but with someone else, closer and easier? Whoever these "others", their own mental "dictionary" is amazing!
Once we finish sift esoteric hypothesis, we are left worrying prospect, according to which at least one "kriptozemnoe" community on our planet is suffering from a potentially debilitating genetic syndrome. And it looks like the "other" — a desperate and, at the same time, quite sane guys for decades is going to "harvest" with our population for a possible long-term genetic repair of their fellows. And it does not necessarily imply criminal intent, because if a similar situation exists with us, we almost certainly would have done the same thing, taking equally unpleasant and tedious steps to ensure our anonymity.
Here's a, about, the point of view expressed by Mac Tonnies (Mac Tonnies) in his article "Hybrids people with aliens?" Which appeared September 30, 2008. But this version, and around it there are special aspects of the complicated …
Can the "other" to set even a purpose? What if "they" are concerned not only (and not only) of its own (in) ability to bear children, but also our (super) power? After all, a lot of us on the planet! That if they are already working closely with us? Then the total destruction or severe restriction of our ability to further increase the population could solve many of the problems of this mysterious community.
If we share the planet with other advanced civilization, it is possible that it will be waged against us "guerrilla war", including and methods of genetics. Not for that they are engaged in hybridization? What happens to those babies who often steal the aliens out of the womb of women in the third or fourth month of pregnancy? How and where to use hybrids? And what kind of hybrids? Do they need the "other" in a huge amount? For what? What if the "others" are trying to make room, and then did drive us as a species? No, not military action, or the destruction of the Earth — because they themselves live here. A peaceful, little by little. Oh, here, then, is that "every bass line in" — and the growth of impotent men, and female infertility and AIDS, and gay marriage, and what is anxiously talking our genetics and demography — exhaustion, weakness and threat to the future complete extinction of the male Y-chromosome. If we and the "others" do live on the same planet, then this could be a symbiosis, a lucrative one and the other, and perhaps the position of the "predator-prey".
The theory that UFOs may be parasitized by mankind, looks very scary, but it is real. The more that person, for example, he uses a lot of other species for survival — we breed pigs (genetically modified), and then take them to heart transplantation. Is it possible that extraterrestrial beings about as well go with us?

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