Alloys of aluminum in modern industry

The alloys of aluminum in modern industry

Now aluminum in the industry is used not only in its pure form — the scientists, creating special alloys, constantly increasing the reach and impact resistance strength of the material, allowing the aluminum is very deeply embedded in the different spheres of industry. Development of duralumin alloy scientists began in the early 20 th century, after the German scientist Alfred Wilm in 1906 found that alloy aluminum, magnesium and copper substantially improves the mechanical characteristics of the metal. Given alloy received the title of "duralumin" and immediately acquired the widest distribution. Now all duralumin alloys used to make the duralumin sheets, have a low bulk density and higher sturdiness and good ductility at low temperature criteria. Products from them do not spark when struck, are characterized by the highest anti-magnetic and seismic resistance and fire resistance. They are quite often used as a bearing and protecting designs in the process of restoration and modernization of the buildings of old times. Good resistance to corrosion makes it possible to withstand the least thickness of the product, which is designed to work in environments with excessive humidity, without increasing the thickness of the structure for the sake of more effective confrontation of corrosion. With all this perforated sheets Aluminum is lightweight, which makes it easy derived from their structures — it reduces the cost of transportation also provides a number of capabilities to innovative approaches to system works. Good resistance to low temperatures makes the alloys of aluminum an indispensable material for construction in the northern regions. In most cases, are now in the construction industry can meet dural plate, consisting of alloys of aluminum and magnesium (characterized by the highest strength) and aluminum-silicon (highest casting properties). These two alloys, as practice shows, in particular, are often used in the manufacture of windows, doors, facade designs. Construction elements made of aluminum to help maintain the room cool in the summer heat, the winter cold warm and dry and comfortable all year round. They possess high strength, excellent internal temperature of the delay, own low coefficients of contraction and expansion.

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