Already today, April 1



Rain all day, the temperature of 6 — 8 C

Do not pass:

The abolition of the transport controls at the border between Belarus and Russia

Minsk, Gallery "B" ekzartsystski Gesamtkunstwerk "Theatrical demons" on the occasion of the presentation of the book by Ilya Sina
Start at 19.00


Washington, DC: The hearing on the Belarusian issue in the Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. Congress

The Hague, The Review of the International Court of Georgia's complaints about ethnic discrimination in Russia


1557: Sigismund August signed "Statutes on portages", the beginning of the land reform in the ON

1579: Founded Vilnius University

1778: A businessman Oliver Pollock came up with a dollar sign — $.

2001: In Belgrade were arrested the head of Yugoslavia, Slobodan Milosevic

2009: Albania and Croatia joined NATO alliance


1809: Nikolai Gogol, Russian writer (d. 1852)

1815: Otto von Bismarck, Chancellor of Germany (d. 1898)

1877: Basil Zakharkov, chairman of the BNR (d. 1943)

1929: Milan Kundera, Czech writer

1947 Ales beetle, a Belarusian writer, translator

There is a reason:

Belarus, Russia, other CIS countries, USA, Canada — April Fool's Day (April Fools Day)

Iran — Islamic Republic Day

MINUS 365:

Bagapsh believes in recognition of Ukraine and Belarus

Quote to remember:

Do not lie so much as during the war, and after the hunt before the election.

I was destined by nature to be a diplomat, I was born on the first of April.

If you want to make a fool whole world — Tell the truth.

Otto von Bismarck

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