American 155-mm self-propelled howitzer XM2001 Crusader

American 155-mm self-propelled howitzer XM2001 Crusader
155-mm self-propelled howitzer Crusader developed for the U.S. Army to substitute Paladin. It was assumed that the United States Army in handy about 800 of these self-propelled guns. The program in May 2002 Crusader goal was officially terminated the Defense Ministry, as Crusader considered sufficiently clear and mobile in the light of the requirements of XXI century. United Defence in August 2002 received official notification that stops all subsequent work on applets. United Defence at the same time received a contract for the implementation of the developed applets for Crusader technologies for the creation of a new Objective Force Cannon (Cannon for promising Forces) or guns for firing indirect fire Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS). «Future Force» — is the working title for the long-term future programs from the United States military.
Test firing Crusader landfill Yuma (Ariz.) began in February 2000. In November of the same year have gained rate of 10.4 shots per minute. In November 2001, was carried out preparatory evaluation design (Preliminary Design Review, PDR). Start of production scheduled for 2006, and the adoption of Crusader adopted was scheduled for 2008. Aaplet Team Crusader Crusader developed running United Defence.
Assumed that the Crusader artillery system will provide the best mobility, efficiency and survival will also even easier to maintain and deploy than existing systems. Battery of 6 Crusader can deliver 15 tons of ammunition to target the least than 5 minutes.

To achieve these features the company United Defence reduced weight and dimensions Crusader — from the original 60 to 38 tons -41 tons. This allowed the right to carry two howitzers aircraft C-17 or C-5. So Makar, facilitated the introduction of Crusader self-propelled howitzer for fire support.

The composition Crusader comes two cars — self-propelled howitzer and XM2001 armored transport and loading machine XM2002. The highest level of automation, enables to reduce the crew as transport and loading machine and howitzers reduced to only 3 people. Management of processes loading and firing is carried out equipment computer cabin, which is nestled under the armor and has a system of protection against weapons of mass destruction. Armored transport and loading machine has not only tracked and the wheeled version.
Self-propelled howitzer XM2001

XM2001 howitzer armed completely automatic loading and firing, which makes it possible to shoot 48 rounds (full ammunition howitzer), with higher speeds of up to 10 rounds per minute at a distance of more than 40 thousand meters for the production of the first shot takes 15 — 30 seconds. Apart from this, Crusader can create a series of shots while hitting the target shells. One Crusader vehicle provides simultaneously hit the same target up to 8 rounds. Digital fire control system calculates the solution separately for each of the eight rounds.
Transport and loading machine XM2002

Crusader howitzer ammunition complemented by using transport-loading machine XM2002, where equipment is absolutely automatic download subsystem. This subsystem enables HM2002 crew, consisting of three persons, to fill in store fuel and load 48 howitzer shells in less than 12 minutes. without departing from his body armor. You can create a boot criteria bacteriological / chemical contamination. Full load transport and filling machine shells and fuel takes the least 60 minutes.

Control and Command

Command Center Crusader resettled tactical systems that provide assistance in decision-making, navigation and positioning, and automatic ‘identification friend or foe. «

Crusader control system sends and receives data on the battlefield in real time with the introduction of improved Field Artillery Tactical Data System (AFATDS, Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System). Crusader can communicate directly with other machines. Secure transmission network connects howitzer disk imaging, transport and loading the car, and all other military units on the battlefield, transmitting real-time data on each machine of the current situation.

American 155-mm self-propelled howitzer XM2001 Crusader

Weapon Crusader self-propelled howitzer

For firing the Crusader used all types of shells, including high-explosive, smoke, incendiary (with white phosphorus), cluster shells dual purpose — anti-personnel and anti-tank (Dual-Purpose Improved Conventional Munitions, DPICM) and anti-cluster (Sense and Destroy Armor, SADARM).

Crusader artillery subsystem used solid propellant. It includes virtually gun, machine and laser ignition system. Only the highest rate provides an integrated cooling system of the gun barrel is available between double walls. To minimize wear and impact protection bore guns and Bolt covered wobbly. Bolt guns compatible with MACS (Modular Systems Artillery Charges — Modular Artillery Charge System), which use solid propellant.

Engine and suspension

Hydropneumatic suspension and engine Crusader provide traffic on the highway at speeds up to 67 km / h on rough terrain — 48 km / h Box allows you to select the gear ratios and engine operation in automatic mode for maximum fuel economy. The control system consists of an electric motion control, also help in the planning of movements and positioning.

South American army elected by General Electric and Honeywell International Engines as a developer for a gas turbine engine Crusader LV100-5. The same engine used to want the M1A2 tank, as part of programs from one motor Abrams / Crusader. The new engine had to be smaller and lighter, with spirited acceleration, the lack of visible emissions and the lowest noise level.

Tactical and technical characteristics:
Weight — 48100 kg;
Length — 12900 mm;
Width — 3500 mm;
Height — 2900 mm;
Main weapon caliber — 155 mm;
Barrel length — 56 caliber;
Ammunition of the main gun — 48 pcs.;
The highest elevation angle — 75 degrees;
Small angle of declination — minus 3 degrees;
The firing range — 40000 m;
Most road speed — 67 km / h;
Overcoming obstacles:
— gradient — 60%;
— slope — 40%;
— vertical wall — 900 mm;
— trench — 2500 mm;
— depth aqua barriers — 1220 mm;
In store down the highway — 405 km;
Motor Power — 1500 hp;
Rate of fire — 10 rounds per minute;
Crew — 3 people.

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