American rattletrap (many episodes) watch online

American rattletrap (many episodes) watch online
We have before us an opportunity to get acquainted with himself Boyd Coddington — the famous creator of the accident hot rods (ancient naimoschneyshimi vehicles with engines and other innards pumped).

So that's when the little boy was only eight years old the first time he became the owner of the car, thus, their own, and in thirteen — he was able to independently collect the car. So now, he is so professional and unique, and that even it is not surprising newcomer his invention. So, Boyd begins to create special cars for superstars.

But the real success came only when the customers are the people like, for example, the famous musician Paul David Newson. On the wave of popularity Coddington made a giant corporation that specializes in the implementation of the rarest types of wheels, made in innovative ways. Specifically, thanks to the main character and got the glory of a professional designer.

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