An old new peninsula in the Chesapeake Bay

In the history of the world has long since come such a time when shifting the bulk of large countries is quite a rare event. Because at least some section of terrain, land purchase or annexation has always lured the attention of the entire planet. A few days back, it became clear that the United States "rooted" 460 hectares of new land. Few, very few. But, nevertheless, it is worth attention.

Old new island in Chesapeake Bay

It should immediately make a small but significant slip of the tongue: These 460 acres were not incorporated into the country anew, but have been restored. The recovery procedure has undergone Popler a small island in Chesapeake Bay. This piece of land is in the aqua space between the states of Virginia and Maryland. A couple of centuries back in the Chesapeake Bay had a few small islands. Their lived some Indian tribes, which were later driven out by European settlers. The development of the Gulf Islands came to the end of the XIX century, until the moment when the waters began to take its toll. The islands had special significance for the U.S. economy. The only exception is Popler, where tobacco is grown for a long time. In the middle of the XIX century in the peninsula has happened fascinating story. Some businessman decided to make a fur farm on the peninsula and has delivered hundreds of cats there. Until the winter of his office worked and supplied the "fur". But in winter the Chesapeake bay covered with ice, and the "fur" fled to the saved.

Enterprising Yankees went bankrupt and closed his farm. In the last years of the last century it was seen that the islands of the Chesapeake Bay, including Popler, gradually eroded the waters of the bay. By the early 90-ies of XX century, the area Poplera with a value of more than 400 hectares dropped to 15-20. Due to various circumstances, by the time the research was started on the topic of salvation eroded island. To restore a specific island Popler started in 1998.

Old new island in Chesapeake Bay

First on the "construction" of the island were going to spend about three hundred million dollars, and all the work had to take 25 years. But in practice, because of some technological circumstances, the reconstitution of the island took even less time — 15 years. At the same time, the frisky implementation of the plan has resulted in an increase in the budget. According to last year's report on the recovery the island has spent more than 650 million. These funds went to the formation of the underwater base of the island, to strengthen it, and "construction" above-water part of the island. Go with it in construction tasks was to change the bottom topography of the bay and increase its depth. It must be stressed that the deepening of the pond was one of the priority tasks of the project, because the maximum depth of 15 meters is not enough for some vessels whose routes lie in the area. For example, four years back has become a victim of the Chesapeake shoals Russian tanker "Tuchkov Bridge." Soon after it ran aground help arrived, and the Russian ship continued its voyage, but bay as before was quite difficult to navigate.

In 1998, when Congress was deciding the fate of the project, as the contractor had been selected the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. First, military engineers marked out the future construction site. On its perimeter concrete wall was built, which became the outer boundary of the future of the island. Then place inside the walls was divided into multiple cells. When the "skeleton" of the island was restored ready, it began to fill with soil. As this filler offered a variety of substances from the quarry sand to ash from the incineration furnace plants. But at the design stage there was a proposal to use the bottom soil, taken from a small area of the bay. This method failed two problems at once: the right places in the Gulf have become deeper, and over the surface of the water again appeared rather big peninsula. Is noteworthy that the construction of a new island Popler, unlike the vast number of other projects of this character, did not become a target for criticism from various environmental organizations. One of the reasons responsible for the construction of people refer to the timely disclosure of disk imaging project. Shortly before the start of active jobs in Chesapeake Bay Army Corps of Engineers and their subcontractors have been intensively to explain to the local population and other Yankees nature of the project and the method of its implementation. Of course, such a specifically educational work and helped new Popler from accusations of environmental pollution. In addition, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has long been performed by several environmental programs, the purpose of which is to preserve rare and endangered species.

Thus, peninsula built, but one question remains open: what Washington has laid out for some obscure piece of land with 650 million redundant? Some facts about the construction provoke the same rumors. The peninsula is reduced Army Corps of Engineers, it is located on the east coast and it is constantly nobody lives there. From this the conclusion of a certain secret facility, for which he launched recovery Poplera. Of course, some formal expression to this effect was not. And since none of the officials did not deny the rumors, they continue to multiply and spread. Of course, everyone is entitled to their worldview. But in the case of the reduced outlook peninsula of hidden objects does not look the best way possible. First, because of the much more obvious and logical premise of the work is to improve the criterion of navigation in the Chesapeake Bay. Due to the greater depth there will be able to take the court with greater draft, which will allow a tangible measure increment turnover of the ports. Perhaps such an investment in the future of their own worth 650 million. In addition, prior to completion of all operational activities for finished parts of the island with the "great land" have been transported animals. It is reported that they are already acclimatized and increase the number of their own populations.

Either way, peninsula restored. The reason for this may be a military objective may be shipping issues, and maybe taking care of animals. In the end, the Americans could not immediately pursue two or three goals at once. What all does not diminish the interesting projects.

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