An old U-2 against the new Global Hawk

Northrop Grumman began flight tests of a new development — functional radar active type, which intended for MQ-4C, version RQ-4 Global Hawk for the Navy. The new radar has changed over the world military Global Hawk and save the program from the production of folding drone, which discussions are already in the U.S. Air Force.

An old U-2 against the latest Global Hawk

Recent information about the decision of the Pentagon's complete program from Global Hawk block 30, and as a candidate new UAV to extend the use of U-2, has caused a mixed reaction from the expert community. It is clear that the developed another 57 years ago military Scout cheaper and more reliable new drone. But, as noted by the spices, wood stick with the same dignity in the assault rifle, is on this basis to curtail the creation of the latter?

In the press until this time there are comments that "experts do not behold the logic in the decision to roll aaplet Global Hawk. " But it is necessary to understand the reasons of this decision and to direct attention to the steps taken by Northrop Grumman for the salvation of his own creation.

U.S. Air Force justify curtailing production Global Hawk with 2 pt: 1) budget cuts for 2012, but it seems to have brand-new military campaign, 2) U-2 has a highest intelligence abilities than MQ-4 because man-pilot can always redirect the equipment on tracking more essential purposes. First paragraph is quite impartial, although the development of others, where more incomprehensible project lasts. And second, on the contrary, asks more detailed consideration.

Contrary to the expectations of a modern airplane prototype is not efficient radial observations in the infrared and radar spectra. The most effective of radar and infrared sensors mounted on aircraft reconnaissance, target down and forward. This fact explains the huge number of circumstances, the main point is that the tail and the tail of the aircraft closed much of eq. The pilot, while in the cab, can always adjust the line of flight movements in the right direction by expanding the facilities there for aerial photography. In contrast to the UAV operator, he can twist his head, tilt it to the side, just tilting the plane to see anything underneath it. This ensures a substantially 360 degree angle in a horizontal plane, when the active maneuvers — and vertical.

An old U-2 against the latest Global Hawk

For example, performing ordinary reconnaissance flight on this route, it can find a fascinating object — say, not marked on the map shining rails off the beaten path. Specifically so — finding obscure tracks — NATO managed to locate some of the Russian underground factories. Another example of the creative work of observer-pilot: Lofty during Russian war German soldiers down more times instead of the trench-used toilet cans, which are then thrown out of the trenches. Russian air scout knew that, by defining the scattered thick loose banks, which of the trenches are German soldiers. Where the cans was not marked wrong emplacements equipped for dispersal of artillery fire. One hundred percent change similar rights in all aspects at this point is unrealistic.

In the enthusiasm of the UAV can be programmed to specific points, but intelligence — this is a very difficult type of military activity. Above subtleties in the air watching thousand, while in Iraq, they are alone, but in Afghanistan or Somalia are completely different. Lay all of these situations, you can not drone. Because surveillance and aerial photography is "fitted" method is recorded and inspected everything. For example, the new Iraqi army barracks soldier in Baghdad was localized only three months after the capture of the town. Specifically, as long handy officer G-2 to process millions of frames acquired by the UAV.

Also, the drone has its own special prepyadstviya: modules for the cyber attacks, which had Iran, have allowed to land a UAV RQ-170. It is clear that with the U-2 similar option will not pass, pilot harder to persuade people to live in the middle of the ladies in a burqa.

To overcome the difficulty of naming has a new active radar which, according to developers, is the first in the world, perfectly working prototype at 360 degrees and the high seas and in coastal areas. UAV initially had a form that is optimized for this purpose, which is theoretically allows to implement similar. A great deal of work for the purposes of initial screening, which will allow much to raise the efficiency of the remote operator. The system has already been tested in Palmdale, California, with the introduction of the test platform Gulfstream II. After testing the system installed on a not so long ago assembled MQ-4C. At this point, new version of the UAV Global Hawk, curb new radar, ready for testing.

The developers have said about the improvement of the system for maintenance tracking of objects: the drone can now understand a goal and follow it at a reasonable distance. It is possible to set the frequency of shooting followed by an object, so as not to overload the analysts. There are rumors that MQ-4C lined unfortunate cryptographic units, funding to develop a pity that after the collapse of the Soviet Union. By guesswork, it means that the enemies of the United States no longer will be able to capture information from drones and easily put them.

Representatives of the Navy said that the new product will be quite effective for them — the sea is much easier to analyze the terrain and the selection of targets, in case you do not have to fight submarines. But the Air Force as ever quite skeptical. In this case, the premise is not only practical, and psychological. Comes to fun: indicates that the highest ceiling of the U-2 makes it safer from the defense. Apparently, the U.S. military has forgotten about the archaic S-75, which was hit in 1960 seven of similar aircraft, after the Yankees had to forget about the reconnaissance flights over Cuba, the USSR, China and Vietnam.

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