Animal shelter: experts told why the dog is biting

Shelter "Kozhukhovo" — a small dog "village" by 2.5 thousand people, which never subsides barking. On why it is better to live in a four-booth with three neighbors, "drink" instead of water, snow and long wait by the aviary will be a man than to wander around the city, told RIA Novosti employees shelter.

In the mud with no water, medicines and bulbs

Himself a shelter and all the animals living in it — it is the property of the city, which is managed by the company that won the tender. For some reason, January 1, 2013 "property" was left without food, water, medical supplies, documentation, and, in the words of the workers, even without lights.

"All of the livestock affected puppies with worms, also have viral infections. Who with metaplazmozom who with advanced cystitis. Was a very heavy dog, who was lying and decaying alive, she could not get up. Probably not eat or drink, because more active dogs are taken away. smell of rotting flesh, rotting biological material was terrible, "- says a new shelter veterinarian Natalia Ovchinnikov, started work in early January.

Leaders shelter changed December 31, 2012. According to the director of the former management company (MC) Maxim Grishkova, the last day they passed the state customer documentation — Eastern District Administration — to feed the dogs and left. No complaints from the VAO does not arise, but the new company was in disarray: Animal health records no cure them nothing, and all the shelter — in the mud.

"By January 1, to the prison medical unit was impossible to go — it was in dog feces. I cleaned all day to bring some kind of order," — said the new curator for animal welfare Elena Polienko.

Grishkov in turn believes that everything that happens in the shelter of his company is not concerned. "For what is happening now, we are not responsible, because in no way connected with the new Criminal Code. Removes animals should three times a day — at least. If they do not clean out there the first day, then to dinner there really needs to be on the dirt knee, "- he said.

Megapriyut — not for animals

Besides two thousand dogs in the shelter 99 live cats. The whole menagerie has only four veterinarian, and 80-100 21 working volunteers who come on the weekends.

"I can say that 500 dogs — it's too much. I was always against megapriyutov. Dogs require greater attention and the main function that took the volunteers — is communication with animals.'s Important to know all of them. And we well, if anyone has time to hold his hand on the cage. Yet this is better than the street — there are much more dangerous, "- said Polienko.

All workers who feed and clean the animals — come from Tajikistan. To get to work in an orphanage, the Russian language is not necessary to know, but you have to love animals. "My father had a farm. When I went to Russia, engaged in construction, makes a lot, but switched to a shelter because I prefer it," — said the local labor Nuribi.

According to the coordinator, even if the area had more workers, the problem would not have dared — shelter, originally designed illiterate.

"Shelter, apparently, was not built for the dogs, and for public buildings. Postoperative seven blocks and arranged them properly, they do not even have ventilation. Booths in cages are also made not in mind — not the desired slope and drains. These are small items , on which the entire shelter. And, of course, the biggest problem — water runs only in the summer, "- said Polienko.

Dogs fed dry food and they need a lot of water, but there is no way to deliver it. To water the dogs, working just scraping shovels snow from the roofs of the enclosures and spread out on a bucket.

Confuse dogs — zagryzut each other

Dogs and cats brought to the shelter stray animals hunters. Newly arrived 30 days sitting in quarantine, where they disinfected and vaccinated against rabies. Then they picked neighbors aviary, in the case of dogs is especially difficult — they are pack animals and neponravilas stranger just zagryzut.

Each animal give birth to two cards — medical and accounting. In addition to history, describing the exterior, the age they should be given a unique number, which it receives with the implanted chip. With them, workers can distinguish thousands of animals. The animal enough to hold a special scanner to find out the code and see all the data on it.

Now employees are faced with the fact that they need to re-scan and inspect all the dogs to make them new documents. If it were not for the volunteers — some of them go to the shelter for many years and know his players will remember someone with whom you can walk, as well as help with the purchase of food and drugs — new guidance would be quite mixed up.

Now shelter does not accept new animals — in it and so extra 300 dogs and 17 cats, the content of which is not paid by the state. The last two weeks have gone from house to house only 11 lucky ones.

At a checkpoint volunteer Snezhanna sitting soothing his pitomitsy Munk — it takes to itself a couple who decided to have a second dog. Trembling Munk pressed to the floor and is afraid to go anywhere alone, and volunteers have to take her in his arms to carry in the car. "This is normal: will two months — and no one will know. These dogs have seen much they appreciate the warmth and affection like no other" — said a volunteer.

Currently, the shelter needs people willing to help with something or want to take a pet. Contact information can be found at Kozhukhovsky shelter. Volunteers are asked not to go ahead of those who want to give their own or found animals — they have and its too much.

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