Apocalypse postponed — a new type of bees

Opening of a new species — Panurginusa Muravyov — belongs Kuzbass biologist. Osybi name was given in honor of the Russian statesman of the XIX century, the diplomat, the Governor-General of Eastern Siberia Nikolay Muravyov-Amur. According to Regnum, in 2008 during an expedition to the range officer Karakansky biological department of the Kemerovo State University Dmitry Sidorov caught for a collection of insects caught several instances of bees that do not fit the existing description. The truth is not yet proven, that finding is Kuzbass HONEY pchelam.V average in recent years, scientists Kuzbass not confirm the opening of one new species of insects per year.

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In one of the prophecies attributed to Wang, the death of bees all over the world was set for 2004. But they began to disappear in 2006. Every winter in the U.S. are killed more than a third of bee colonies. Although I tend to not only withstand cold tenth. In Europe every year disappear 20% bees. Drastically reduced their population in Latin America and Asia. Since 1961, the number of bee colonies in the world has fallen by half, and the number of bees per hectare dropped about 90%.

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