Armored — French, weapons — Russian

Armored - French, weapons - Russian
Our homeland France and expand cooperation in the field of armored fighting vehicles

It has been 10 years since, as a saloon arms «Eurosatory» French company «Panhard» and Russian Instrument Design Bureau (KBP) for the first time presented a joint development in the wheel of the vehicle. Zabugornye countries were invited to purchase French VBL armored 4×4, which was established Russian module «Quartet» with 4 anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) «Kornet-E.»

Work on the integration of the French armored vehicle with anti-Russian module «Quartet» was carried out in an active manner by means of developing companies. The armored car was driven by a crew of 2 persons, had a speed of 100 kilometers per hour, the diesel engine is turbocharged, 7.62 mm machine gun, reduced telltale signs could be equipped with a radio receiver and a satellite navigation system GPS. Mounted on the roof of an armored car VBL module «Quartet» can fire at a distance of 5.5 kilometers funny day and 3.5 kilometers NIGHT MODE using the thermal sight, produced guidance ATGM «Kornet-E» by a laser beam and could amaze modern tanks with reactive armor. Inside the car were two additional ATGM «Kornet-E.»
In those years, advertisers have a pretty optimistic about the market potential for the latest development and believed that it could be necessary in those 15 countries which already operated about 2,300 armored vehicles VBL company «Panhard». Among them were the countries of the Persian Gulf, Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America.
But Russian-French joint development of a decade ago was unclaimed in the world market wheeled armored vehicles, as it does not fit into the existing trends in the development of this market.

Light, floating, armored
Yet cooperation professionals 2-states did not stop at the exhibition «Interpolitech 2013» in Moscow could see the newest joint development — light amphibious armored ASTAIS-VBL. On the French side of its developer — the company «Renault Truck Difans» (Renault Trucks Defense), which acquired the firm «Panhard» and so strengthened its position in the global market armored fighting vehicles (AFV). On the Russian side of the joint project participant is also a new artist — factory armored vehicles and special JSC «ASTEYS» from Naberezhnye Chelny. Russian company wants to create a French car under a special bilateral agreement for the Interior Ministry troops.

«Unlike other machines of this class BBM» Atom «armed with 57-millimeter gun, which allows shooting at a distance of 16 kilometers»

This project started to be realized JSC «ASTEYS» in an active manner. As said Executive Director of «ASTEYS» Vladimir Babaev, after the company has studied the needs of the Interior Ministry and other law enforcement agencies in the lungs armored vehicles created for intelligence, surveillance, command and maintain order, it became clear that functional machines of this class are not available in Russia and zatarivaemsya not. At the same time, the Ministry of Internal Affairs is interested in purchasing such machines as they arise in the market.

In order not to reinvent the great were analyzed available zabugornye counterparts. The choice fell on the light armored vehicle ASTAIS-VBL, as it is multipurpose and more suited for the likely problems. Amphibious armored vehicle has properties that can be dropped by parachute. On the vehicle can be set armaments up to 300 kg without loss of buoyancy, including machine guns, remote-controlled weapon station (DUBM), portable anti-aircraft missile system (MANPADS) or anti-missile (ATGM), communication system, etc. In the case of installation or MANPADS LAW car can be used to solve problems of air or anti-tank defenses, respectively.
Local production of the armored car will begin in 2014. Russian completing the initial step will be to components such as the chassis, the system wiring, panel devices, etc. The French company will supply engines, box and a number of other components of the chassis. In the 2nd and 3rd quarter of next year will be made a pilot batch of machines in an amount of 5 (minimum) to 10 (maximum) units. These armored vehicles to give tests, also in trial operation in units Troops. According to the results of tests and trial operation will be decided on mass production machines in various configurations.
According to Vladimir Babaev, the Russian side does not want to perform a deep localization of an armored car, as in this case, it may seem virtually new car. And it reclaims respectively carrying a huge amount of testing, certification and machine components provide the desired properties of production, reliability, etc., which will be useful for a long period of time.
According to Babayev, with the French side project of an armored car has a memorandum of understanding, which lately is transformed into a corresponding agreement. He declined to estimate the market for armored vehicles of this type in Russia, noting all that intrigued by various law enforcement agencies, including the Department of Defense and other agencies.
Length armored car ASTAIS-VBL — 4,3 m, width — two meters height without weapons — 1.7 meters, gross weight — 4.3 tons, necessary load — 900 kg, the crew — three people. The highest speed — 110 km per hour, autonomy — 800km. Car resettled turbodiesel engine STEYR M14 capacity of 129 horsepower, having a standard «Euro 3» automatic W5AS80 of «Mercedes-Benz». Suspension is independent: Front — spring, lever spring plus, back — and torsion bar springs.

The machine can not prepare Fording depth of 90 cm, with rises of more than 50 degrees angle and is capable of moving in a side slope of 30 degrees. As additional equipment installed system configuration central tire pressure system motion on a flat tire, the air conditioner.
This model has a first-level ballistic protection STANAG 4569.

How will this cooperative project, time will tell. But its members are convinced demand ASTAIS-VBL armored car in the Russian market.
New multi-purpose LAW

What still concerns PCU, then, apparently, it has not abandoned its own ideas on the implementation of the installation ATGM «Kornet-E» on armored western production. However, now the focus of attention of professionals in an armored car company such as «Sherpa» (Sherpa) to produce the same «Renault Truck Difans.» As told by a French company, the possibility of installation on this car 2-LAW Russian modules, each of which has four ATGM «Kornet-E.» But so far on this project only talks underway.

PCU for the first time presented its own new multipurpose LAW «Kornet-EM» in Paris at an arms fair «Eurosatory 2012.» LAW then shown at the PCU shield comprising Russian armored car «Tiger», but in the future may also be installed on other platforms, including zabugornye.
ATRA can firing both ground armored and air targets, namely, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).
The versatility of the complex is achieved by using 2-type missiles, one of which is designed to destroy ground targets, and second — air. Range of shooting at ground targets is eight miles, and the Air — 10 km.

«Kornet-EM» immediately able to shoot with 2 missiles at two targets, has the highest degree of automation and autonomy, providing a shooting on a «shot — forgot.» Missile to destroy air targets can be used for the destruction of ground targets.
The new complex has a 10-15 percent overcharge armor. Cumulative warhead missiles can penetrate 1200mm armor system for dynamic protection, while «Kornet-E» provide armor penetration width of only 1000 mm. The complex provides the shooting of two targets at once. Possibility salvo firing with 2 missiles at a single target is a proven system to overcome all the active protection of armored vehicles.
Ammunition LAW on the armored car «Tiger» has 16 missiles, eight of which are in a combat-ready position.

Launch of «Cornet-EM» with shaped-charge warhead to defeat armored vehicles weighing 31 kilograms with the container. Missile weight with a thermobaric warhead of 33 kilograms given container. Weight starting module for eight missiles — 67.5 kilograms.

BBM coming

In late September, an international exhibition Russia Arms EXPO 2013 in Nizhny Tagil layout promising BBM «Atom» presented Russian company «Uralvagonzavod» (DC) with the company «Renault Truck Difans.» According to the director of Uralvagonzavod Oleg Sienko, cooperation on this project is distributed in the ratio of 50:50. The French side has provided box, engine, fire control system, Russian — weapons, including the possibility of introducing Russian components and assemblies. Housing BBM designed together.
«Today we litsezreem exhibition car that will compete with those that are widely presented in international markets», — said Sienko, specifying that the layout shown BBM is catchy example of international partnership in the criteria tough global competition.
Unlike other machines of this class BBM coming armed 57-millimeter gun, which allows shooting at a distance of 16 km instead of 30-millimeter cannon, usually installed on a machine of this class. «With such mobility and firepower we predict that BBM will be very much needed in the market. But this development, we not only we attract the world markets, and working first for our defense industry, «- he said.
According to the CEO of the company, created a working group that is considering the introduction of machines manufacturing Uralvagonzavod optical systems and thermal imagers French company «Sagem» (Sagem), which has a corresponding UVZ agreement. Moreover, with the French company Uralvagonzavod is collaboration, both thermal imaging systems and for various tracking systems. Moreover, there is a harsh work on the joint venture.
«Today, considering the possibility of creating a joint venture with the French side for the localization of these products in Russia — said Sienko. — We often have trouble with the supply of components and assemblies of individual states with which we compete. To avoid the political component in this joint venture is necessary nuance. «
According to him, this year will be created first reserve for combat vehicles, and then Russian-French joint venture will be offering their products to upgrade armored vehicles. Sienko said that in the world at the moment, about 20 thousand tanks T-72 Russian and Russian-made and they all need deep modernization.

As the company said «Renault Truck Difans», a 30-ton armored fighting vehicles embodied all skoplenny Uralvagonzavod experience in the field of armored vehicles and weapons.
Cooperation between the French company «Renault Truck Difans» and UVZ was launched in February 2013 during a military exhibition IDEX 2013 in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). Now it is implemented in the first project, which focuses on changing the BTR-80 in service with the Russian army. Brand new BBM 8×8 will be offered in several versions, which can take into account the requirements of more demanding customers. Among their BBM to transport personnel with 57-mm gun turret, BMP with 120 mm mortar or anti-tank missiles, honey armored vehicles, military recovery vehicle (ARV) or a police armored car. Some options will be floating and aerotransportabelnymi which may be carried military transport aircraft IL-76.
As stated in the 2013 RAE Oleg Sienko, UralVagonZavod makes the engine for the new infantry fighting vehicle «Atom» joint Russian-French development. «Now we have to test in Kurgan is the engine, similar to the French, which is mounted on armored fighting vehicles» Atom «, — he said. — We localize this engine. With our engine and gearbox is almost one hundred percent Russian machine. «

This BBM in the future will be equipped with unmanned aerial vehicles for reconnaissance. Final version of BBM «Atom» can be presented in a subsequent exhibition RAE 2015. It is possible that on the basis of the basic concept of BBM «Atom» 8×8 can be offered and the option of 4×4, which will intrigue different power structure.
As noted in the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) presentation in Nizhny Tagil layout heaviest wheel BBM «Atom», made in the framework of the Russian-French military cooperation, aroused great enthusiasm among professionals. This car is revised based on the requirements of the Ministry of Defence will be offered to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation as a perfect analogue of the armament tracked BMP. In the future, the newcomer through BBM company «Rosoboronexport» can be offered to the markets and a number of foreign countries.

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