Around 60,000 trees planted in Moscow for two years

Around 60,000 trees and 140,000 shrubs were planted in Moscow in 2011 and 2012, said Tuesday the head of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the capital Anton Kulbachevsky.

"In 2011-2012, there has been a tendency to improve the state of the environment, water bodies, air capital. In addition, a beautification of parks and gardens, the number of green spaces. During the two years planted 60,000 trees and 140,000 shrubs. These include trees we are compensated for the loss of freezing rain late in 2010, "- said Kulbachevsky a news conference at RIA Novosti.

In addition, the reporting time for the city authorities, a number of other measures aimed at improving the environmental situation in the city, the official added.

"For example, have suspended business activities in the cement silo printers. Now hosts thought it would be at this point," — said Kulbachevsky.

He added that the park and forest areas removed over 100,000 cubic meters of debris. Also, in these two years was open only Russian eco-center in the mountains of Vorobyev, and new environmental requirements for diesel fuel and gasoline.

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