As a dry prepares pilots of civil aircraft

Flying in space

In the Air Staff Training Center in Zhukovsky prepare pilots for different Russian aircraft, including the new development — Sukhoi Superjet. The correspondent of "Heathcliff" TCCS visited and looked at what the gym and the atmosphere in which trained pilots.

Alexandr Kachkaeva for "Heathcliff"




Inside the board of SN 97005


Place a flight engineer


Test equipment


A fragment of the dashboard


Cockpit (cockpit) side SN 97005




The stationary flight simulator FTD LV


The stationary flight simulator FTD LV


The pilot at the controls of FTD LV


The simulator FFS SSJ100 (Fire fighting simulator)


Instructor vnturi cabin FFS SSJ100 program and sets the conditions for a training flight


The cockpit simulator FFS SSJ100


Simulator to perform rescue operations


Inside the simulator to perform rescue operations




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