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One of the main problems of the modern Russian economy, despite its wealth of natural resources, lack of access to capital for small companies. But it is young high-tech companies can be the foundation of our economy revitalized.

This problem can be divided into two components: investors are always complaining about the lack of interest investments and entrepreneurs are grumbling about lack of money. And both sides in his own right.

Indeed, in our country there is a serious potential that is rooted in the foundation of the military-industrial complex of the Soviet empire. But this potential is almost always accompanied by a very weak "package" of projects and companies, and the inability to communicate with the investment community is demanding.

On the other hand, the investor base of companies are in the early stages of development in Russia is in its infancy and this process is extremely painful. There is a certain reserve in the form of private venture capital funds, which is represented by single poluzapadnogo or Western origin, there is the beginnings of the business angel community. However, while it is insignificant compared to the resource needs of the country, if we really want to somehow rely on high technology.

The reasons for this situation are quite objective: venture capital in our country is created from scratch, and this is a complex and highly intelligent investment resources, which can not come overnight. In this case, there is the issue of competition with public money. Yes, the state was forced to meet the shortfall of venture capital financing through the creation of industry development institutions — "RUSNANO" RVC "Skolkovo", etc. And this, in my opinion, was the only right decision under the circumstances, as to wait for decades, while venture industry will grow naturally through the market, it is impossible.

Of course, the stage of the State of bombing "on the areas of" inevitable and necessary, it creates the basis for the subsequent arrival on the already prepared the soil more intelligent and selective private money. It is important that the period of this substitution is not delayed.

In international practice, to establish links between investors and entrepreneurs have become platforms such as Sharespost, Secondmarket, ASSOB, which allow to make transactions with the shares of non-public companies, — a flexible and high-tech systems that facilitate both parties find each other. This trend of recent times, the role and scope of which in the global financial markets are increasing.

In our country, one of the first steps to create the necessary infrastructure to attract capital for young innovative companies was the creation of market innovation and investment (MII), the MICEX-RTS. However, the stock market has never publicly available for the great mass of young companies facing the early stages of the investment cycle.

To ensure effective interaction of young companies with potential investors and to prepare them to enter the public market, with the April 16, 2012 starts in full-scale operation of information and trading system IPOboard. Its main difference from the many online projects that are implemented not only a system of assessment of projects, but also on-line system of disclosure and tracking system life cycle of projects and companies. Also IPOboard is the possibility of the transactions in the different modes of settlement and settlement infrastructure using MICEX-RTS, like any stock exchange or trading system, IPOboard — a balance of supply and demand. Potential investors registered on the site IPOboard. Now there are 450, including all fixed assets of the Russian garrison. On the supply side — the company (currently 18), which are in the process of admission to three levels: basic (minimum), base and pre-IPO. Accordingly, there are several modes of interaction with investors: at the first level — the viewing of information and, on the second — the conclusion of the negotiation of transactions and, finally, the mode of the auction.

Breeding companies and system expertise (including on the basis of partnerships with development institutions — the Fund "Skolkovo" RVC "RUSNANO"), as well as institute accredited mediators — "bordprovodnikov" let you create a pool of attractive investment companies. To become a member IPOboard at the primary level, the company must satisfy certain basic criteria: membership in innovative industries, as well as the existence of a legal person and a brief presentation. In the following, mostly at the company should have a legal form Ltd., Inc. or public companies, the capitalization of between $ 1 million and an investment presentation. At the level of Pre-IPO Company Parties must take the form of property or of Company, capitalization of $ 5 million, the investment memorandum and the conclusion of the evaluation, as well as the standards of disclosure. So begins issuers will get their first experience in the area of disclosure, promotion and presentation of the company for the investment community.

What we get to the bottom line? IPOboard allows qualitatively expand the circle of investors, and not only superprofessionalnyh venture capitalists, but also  wealthy private owners can get access to interesting and promising investment targets. By thus alternative assets, which are not dependent on raw material situation. It is clear that this type of risky assets and should be put 5-10% of the portfolio. Similarly, institutional investors, including pension funds, within certain limits, in the future can and should invest in alternative assets, as is the case in many developed countries.

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The site provides three levels of access: 1. beginner level — for start-ups seeking financing from business angels and seed-funds;

                                                                          2. basic level — for growth stage companies seeking venture capital funding; 

                                                                          3. pre-IPO level to mid-cap companies, plans to soon enter the IPO.



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