As bred Russian tourists abroad

This summer, not all travelers returning from abroad happy holiday.
The fact that our tourists bitch in foreign exchange offices and stores, of course, is not news.
Against the most common ways we even developed immunity.
But the industry of deception is not in place: every year, "Grifters" invent something new …

Paid "plastic" — left penniless
There are more than hundreds of swindle with plastic cards. Our brother is actively fool when paying by card in the shops. In the major tourist centers of entire stores are created only in order to establish there a fake payment terminal. Tourist card to pay for goods is asked to enter your PIN. This device stores the code of the card and the data of the card local craftsmen have time to copy, carrying it through the payment terminal. After that fraudsters create a copy of your card and quietly removed from her money at an ATM.
Another, more sophisticated way associated with the installation of the ATM a special camera designed to photograph the PIN code at the time, as a customer dials it. It is most common on popular among Russians cheap resorts in Europe and the Middle East. On the eye to recognize the terminal can not be dangerous. Therefore safer to withdraw money at hotels or banks.

— If you are going on vacation, it is better not limited to the card, and take with you and a certain amount of cash, including in the event of card loss or fraud described above — the Council vice president of PSB Andrei Chistyakov. — Does not pay the card in small shops, not credible. Best of all, if you have activated the service SMS-information, then you after each transaction on the map to get a mobile phone message about the operation. In the case of suspected fraud, you can quickly block the card.
Take your car to the box office — learn about insurance
All the taxi drivers of the world consider it their duty to tear unsuspecting foreigner. Especially those famous Egyptian and Turkish drivers. They are not in any way can not be given the money until you are driven to the place. Very widespread fraud, when the taxi driver asked him to exchange small bills for large, explaining that he wanted to bring his wife back home a solid note. Having a large coin, a taxi driver fob you off small money for half the face value. And if you catch him by the hand, will be a long time to prove that you simply do not understand the local money.
Even more dangerous to take on some resorts trucks for hire. For example, in Thailand, the most common form of transport — motorbike. They chase even children. But the bikes are rented without any insurance. As a result, if taken by you to rent a bike will find at least one scratch, then put up a huge bill. The same goes for water bikes. Therefore, before taking any vehicles on lease, inspect it for damage, and preferably with witnesses.
If you are traveling abroad for your car, be careful with insurance.
— Going abroad, the car owner to purchase insurance "Green Card". This is a foreign version of CTP. The Russian insurance abroad does not work — says Dmitry Kuznetsov, head of the Center of car insurance ROSNO. — "Green Card" can be adjusted in some Russian insurance companies, as well as at the border.
True, the "Green Card" will not cover damage to your car if you are in an accident are guilty themselves. In that case, should buy hull insurance policy. Some insurers are now free to expand the territory of the Russian coat CASCO policy on Europe, CIS and Baltic countries.
Czech moneychangers do not wind the money on exchange rates. But hold huge commissions for itself sharing service. Czech moneychangers do not wind the money on exchange rates. But hold huge commissions for itself sharing service.
In Prague, for the exchange of 100 euros will have to pay $ 70!
It's no secret that most tourists make a fool of the exchange. This sin, even European countries. Recently, my girlfriend came back from Prague, where faced with outright cheating in street exchangers. (By the way, in the tourist capital of the Czech forums curse more often than others.)
The whole trick is that the local exchangers do not earn money on the difference in rates, and the services provided. Outwardly, it looks as usual: Book window, displays the courses. In fact, for the very exchange services charge a commission, and they can make and 20 euros, and all 70! That is money exchanged at a rate in excess of this will keep a tidy sum. And useless to argue. As soon as you will give money, iron window closes, and you can beat him in the head though. Therefore, in order not to fall, always, before giving money, ask how much will get in return, and do not believe what is written.

Podnalovchilis fool tourists and the money-changers in Krakow, Poland. Their tricks are associated with visual deception. The essence of the fraud is that the plates with course numbers are reversed. For example, a course in the majority of exchange points is 3.83 zloty per 1 euro, but some of them rate 3.38 per 1 euro. People remember that seen on other tablets such as numbers, their order is not stored. Basically, this way of earning practice exchangers located in the popular tourist destinations, such as in the Old City.
In Europe, also avoid using machines for the exchange of money. They look like normal ATM. But instead of insert cards there, you put the money and the unit is exchanged currency. On the one hand, it is very convenient. But such devices are usually laid highly inflated currency exchange rates, and sometimes even charged for exchange.
And exchangers Bali (this Indonesian resort is becoming more popular among Russians) were inflating tourists with calculators.
— The fact that the rate of local rupee — 8600 for $ 1, that is, changing the 100 bucks, you get a sum denotes the set of zeros — says a colleague, who had just returned from vacation. — Change $ 100, recount the exchange, it turns out 806,000 rupees. Check your calculator at exchanger — like all true. But then multiply in your mind and realize that the calculator considers an order of magnitude smaller. Instead, I was given 860 000 806! When I demanded a refund, changed the long poked a finger into the calculator: do the right thing.
Hence the rule is: be careful, use your calculator (it is in almost any mobile phone).

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