As hatred of the Soviet Union enters into a hatred of the Russian Orthodox Church, Russia and the Russian people

The article can still be called chernodyrya ideology in all its glory.

By writing this article I spodvigla correspondence with Alex R., who persistently had sent me articles which subjects clearly aimed against the Russian Orthodox Church.

After the third letter is my response was:

"Alex, you're sending me articles for nothing that should cause me or my readers hate.

My position is diametrically opposite.

I am in favor to reconcile rather than divide

My thoughts on this and similar can be hosted on my site, and causing enmity and spitting in our history, of our country — no. 

My articles on this topic

From the rejection of the past time to move to the synthesis

Communism — the choice of the Orthodox people

I can also recommend to read the book with an analysis of Fr. Sergius Bulgakov

Christian socialism

Or book by Molotkova "The mission of Russia. Christianity and socialism in the XXI century"

So that you do not send me more of this

Sincerely, Alexander Smirnov, Ed. »

To which I received a letter with insults

"I read your schizo nonsense. And I'm not alone. Congratulations to you, the citizen of the Antichrist, you have achieved in the ohmureniya endangered population of the Russian Federation, certain "high." Most likely, Putin and his to take your Projects for service, if not already booked it for you. I sincerely wish that the "Caucasian guys" cut off your tongue. With no respect! Alex. "

A response "Alex you just ham", received a short matershina answer.

Why did I bring so detailed conversation with a seemingly ordinary uneducated man. Little did the internet "trolls". But it seems to me that there was a more complex conflict, the nature of which will not be understood without an explanation of what both of us — Alex and I — consider themselves Orthodox patriots. And do not do without the quotes from the lecture SE Kurginyan "The Game-41", which is a lot to explain the classification of patriotic community of modern Russia.

The diagram depicts two global block is divided into four major sub-groups.

Block number 1 Soviet patriots

— Group A

— Group B

Block number 2 non-Soviet patriots

— Group C

— Group D

0:39:30 (

"Inside the block number one — he's the Soviet patriots — And there is a group for which all Soviet deserves love and admiration, and all to the Soviet — is a bourgeois-feudal darkness, the Imperial bigotry, oppression of peoples, the Black Hundreds, etc.

Within the same block number 1, there is a group B, for which all this good Soviet continuation of the great Russian history, the great mission of Russia, its commitment to the Orthodox Church, its loyalty to the idea of the Third Rome, and so on.

In Group C are the patriotic forces who are willing to accept Soviet, as a distorted but recognizable Russian-Orthodox-imperial. For such patriotic forces of the Empire of course Alexander III — is the subject of love and admiration, and the Soviet Union — is that something you can accept. Yes, history was a strange way, collapsed great country — probably to the fact there were some reasons — otherwise … and for some reason part of evildoers, that kingdom collapsed, began to create something recognizable and great. Of course this is a very flawed version of that great, that collapsed in February 1917go. But though flawed version, and the great. Such an argument with a group of patriots

In Group D, those patriots who hated the Soviet Union fiercely. And even more fiercely hated communism. These patriots have. They are madly in love Russian Orthodox Empire, Russian Empire in general, they are inclined to its greatness. They are ready to fight for the independence of foreigners a great and original Russian, but the Soviet and communist hated them, it is constructed, in their opinion, the forces of evil, and it is clear what. Verkhovod Communism are the same evil forces with them to Marx, Trotsky, and the like. Kill, in their opinion, to the Communists and liberals, because they are really one and the same

It is not that all these patriots do not like Russia. In fact of the matter is that some of these patriots loves her, and passionately, and fight with these people is impossible, but also to organize an ideological synthesis, a kind of meaningful unity between the forces that are in love with the Soviet Union and communism, and the forces which are so hated by the Soviet- communist, too, is almost impossible …

Now imagine that within the group A there are several sub-groups A1 A2 A3, and so on. The same within the groups B, C, D. As we can see, the ideological synthesis hardly think, or at least extremely difficult, and without this synthesis, Russia is a country with a broken historical backbone "

For me it is obvious that the expelling militant article Alex, belongs to the group D. It may be that in this particular case, writes professional "troll" in the service of the State Department (the Internet are possible), but for us it is more important to understand what people like Alex R. undoubtedly is. I will assume that he wrote me a real man, a sincere patriot, — the representative of the group D, — for whom the Soviet is an absolute evil. This implies, as it turns out, the hatred and the ROC (as our church is a continuous existence, and has been "tarnished" in their opinion, the contacts with the Soviet abomination), and hate to today free of communist ideas, a period that is distorted and degraded continuation vile Soviet State (eRefiya, Raska).

Here is a quote that I take one of my articles forwards

"When the CCCR was abolished, then what we are left — mangled, empty souls, poisoned Judeo-Communism? The fruits bezbozhnago sovetskago semidesyatiletіya clearly revealed unto 90 godah unto Erefii, which declared itself preemnikom USSR and the guardian of his (I understand sataninskago) nasledіya. " (M-T Obraschenіe IPH.doc)

The logic of the "black hole" of the Soviet past godless Russia follows the fact that the Russian people in the "eRefii" is simply no longer exists.

"There was purposefully implemented a full deputy? Naselenіya by former Rossіyskoy Imperіi. Cut out the most famous, able-bodied labor. Artificially created a whole new narod, which can be called "scoops", "rossіyantsami", "non-Russians", "infidels," kak anything but truly etot Soviet-rossiyanskiy people — not Russkіy Narod! Neither blood nor of the Spirit, by faith, and not mіrovozzrenіyu nor by culture, either in mind or in language "… (Obraschenіe IPH.dos M-T)

On the site and in the history of Russia is a "black hole", which is in no way to get rid of, but you can only burn with a hot iron

Russian (Russian is really the soul, heart, mind) is extremely small. Balance is very poor. It should be protected for the future, as the starter for the future, the revived Russian. Let cut Rashkin Patriots, the Stalinists — masochists statists Sergianists, Krasnopyorov ghouls an
d kondovye scoops. It is a cleansing war-fighter on the predictions of our Fathers, Martyrs. All slavish infected zhidovstve and therefore blasphemous, all the impurities have to leave. All these "koschei" sovetskogo derived from snake egg incubator kommunizma. It is a spiritual plague! There's nothing we can do about it, can not change anything in the state. We can only pray and suffer
. (To Stalin tserkov mat.dos)

And if not the Russian people, not the Church of God (it's not exactly ROC), the Russian people, it turns out, is preserved only abroad. Russian chosen people — this is only the descendants of immigrants

"What and where today Russian true, God-loving, chosen people, God? Alas! This disparate small groups scattered over the face of the Earth: Australia, Canada, France, Argentina, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova …"(To the Stalinist tserkov mat.doc)

After all, those who remained in the "chernodyre" was tainted in filth, unlike immigrants.

In addition prochago, zametim that the Russian people unto venah techet Blood of Christ, kak prichastnago Higher Evharistіi Tyne and literally — Antioch. What can be said about the "rossіyanah" stavshih these infidels (non-Christian race) unto venah kotoryh techet blood pogromschikov of Holy Russia, and otrinuvshih ubivshih unto itself continuity ting millennial hristіanskoy Rossіey. At the site of the destroyed Rossіi alien — okkupatsіonny rezhim otstroil his red-hazarskіy Kaganat — the USSR, now — RF.(M-T Obraschenіe IPH.doc)

All these arguments are similar only to the destruction. If you adhere to these positions, it is clear that Russia, in 70 years turned into an abomination, people who were left without emigrated turned into an abomination, a church — Russian Orthodox Church, the sanctuary apostates. In short black hole, which needs only a "cleansing" massacre. Frankly, until the time of this writing, I have not read all the articles that I had sent Alex hard. And probably because I am extremely surprised so spiteful reaction to my answer. Before that, I posted an article on many forums and hear different points of view, often harsh, but never — swearing, threats, mate. Reading the same opus extremely belligerent "chernodyrtsev" already understand that they are set to complete destruction, the destruction of abominations, which Russia is (eRefiya, to put the appropriate slang), and the Russian people living here, even if they are Orthodox (MP ROC — Satan gathering), in a word, "Rashkin Patriots, the Stalinists-masochists, statists Sergianists, Krasnopyorov ghouls and kondovye scoops", which is prepared on the head which calls for "Cleaning-fighter" massacre. And since we do not cut immigrants arrive, then called up a new civil war, "let … cut red and false patriots and pseudo-Orthodox, pseudo-Russian … There is nothing to regret abomination" red-Khazar Khanate — the USSR, now — the Russian Federation "

It is clear that such ideas can not generate an Orthodox spirit, the thoughts generated by the spirits of anger, hatred, blinded by rage. Where is the Christian "Good-bye your enemies?" Where here, "Blessed are the peacemakers …."? Only hatred — blind, vicious hatred.

It can be assumed that the Patriots from Group D can be varying degrees of bitterness, and the above pieces of music belong to the extreme groups, and perhaps even are entirely drawn from a subsurface extremely hostile to both Russia and the Orthodox Church. But now we need to understand that the enemies will exaggerate these extremes, to pump a similar ideology of patriotic groups, and especially emigrants, which is extremely flattering self-perception (true Russ, scattered around the world, God-bearing people, leading a righteous war against infidels). I am sure that such radicals or sympathizers of ideology "chernodyrya" will be among the living in Russia. Perhaps Alex R. It is from these, although it is still more like a stuffing of foreign origin.

For what I do is lay out? Of course, not to complain about the abuse, and not in order to explain the specific Alexei him wrong. (First of all, I just can not even be sure of its very existence, and the purity of his intentions: Second, I communicated with sectarians and I know that in speaking of the same "Jehovah's Witnesses" will never be persuaded, we can only rely on God in his admonition) purpose of the article, to show the Orthodox, which uses a network of traps and enemy to incite strife and civil war. One should not think that it is harmless scribble that you can just ignore. Such Aleksei engaged in active dispatch (except I got a letter with Articles 48 more destinations), trying to draw into its "chernodyrskuyu" ideology as much caring and patriotic Orthodox, fueling animosity between "white" and "red", between "right" and "wrong" patriots, indeed, provoking and encouraging a new civil war.

I would also like to appeal to those who in one way or another shared data or similar views. Such extreme somehow inspired by analogy with the fall of the Jewish people.

To understand this, let's imagine a patriotic group D, conditionally living in the same place (outside of Russia). This group like the Jewish people, has not accepted Christ, is the belief in the infallibility and righteousness.

— Only we are the children of Moses, and you are apostates.

— We only Orthodox — and you're living in Russia, members of the Russian Orthodox Church — apostates, or the children of apostates.

About the King

Analyzing inadequate response to conventional sharp, motivated refusal to place articles, I suggested that, among other things, he called for the fact that the article "Communism as the choice of the Orthodox people"Pointed to the degeneration of the elite, who during their stay abroad is even further away from the people, and that the future king can only come from within living here, but not foreigners. And this time, I think is also very painful for the émigré, as they want to be the new King of Russia among its. And in this case, any choice of the Russian people, will be rejected.

And here I see the vysheozvuchennyh analogy. But not as good as the future leader, but in essence it take no grouping. Messiah was not accepted and rejected by the Jews, by reason of the fact that they were confident in their infallibility (could not look critically at their own idea of the Messiah) as confident in their piety, righteousness, unspoilt "chernodyrtsy," which in this case the same grounds would deny anyone not meeting their performance choice of the Russian people.

— We have our own idea of the Messiah, and the One Who came — Jesus of Nazareth is not accepted by us, because there is such as we want.

— We know what (or who) should be king, and that your — the antichrist.

And blinded by rage and self-righteousness (false righteousness), this group has the potential to repeat the well-known historical mistakes that led to the fall and rebellion of the Jews. After all, "if the dead rise again — do not believe it," was said by Christ. It happened.

And theoretically, if my hypothesis proves correct, and the King will tell risen Seraphim of Sarov, reason with it, "chernodyrtsev?" Does this make them doubt their righteousness? I'm afraid not.

And do not say this to hurt prick, but to appeal to the minds and hearts of those who still can not hear, and who can understand that the ideology of the "black hole" of our history that preach Alex R. and others like him — it's not just "break the back" of history, thereby preventing the revival of Russia, but also the potential threat of civil war ("ochestitelno-fighte
r Massacre"), it is a point which will put pressure on the enemies of Russia and the Russian people, pestuya in some self-esteem and sense of self-righteousness and hatred of others his brothers and even fellow Muslims.

Blind rage and self-conceit, that we saw in the case of the Jewish people. And the fear is that if the Russian people will find the strength to get up, find the strength to a healthy fusion, instead rasplevyvaniya with their historical destiny, the supporters of the ideology of the "black hole" Russia will announce a new crusade, becoming the most violent of its enemies . And there will be the loudest scream that a new leader — the Antichrist, and will encourage other furiously to the nuclear bombing of Russia.

"Who hath ears to hear, let him hear!"

Alexander Smirnov, Ed.

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