As Moscow has protected Syria

A situation similar to today, was formed in the region in 1957

As soon as the Syrian troops, supported by most of the population of the country, began to win victories over the armed opposition, that is, from about April 2013, the policy of the U.S. and NATO regarding the current Syrian leadership has tightened dramatically. Hundreds of U.S. Marines were deployed to the north of Jordan near the border with Syria. This is reported by many sources, including, for example, London «The Times» And from Damascus to the border with Jordan, note — only 60 km … 

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah cut short his vacation in Morocco and returned to Riyadh, as officially reported to be "in connection with the events unfolding in the region." Recall that the reaction was very similar to the U.S. and its satellites and in connection with the beginning has been to reverse the situation in Libya in favor of Gaddafi and his loyal troops in June-August 2011

With regard to the current position of Russia, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in his recent speeches, said about the unacceptability of direct military support to the West "antiasadovskoy" of the opposition and NATO plans to enter the proverbial no-fly zone over Syria. Russia said it was ready to replace the Golan Heights — the area distinction between Israeli forces and the Syrian army — peacekeepers from Austria, but only at the request of the UN, and if that would be interested countries in the region. About solidarity with the government of Boris says Assad and Iran.

Recall that in this region a similar situation was in 1957. However, the Soviet position on Syria, in contrast to the present day, at that time supported by Egypt, Yemen, Sudan. In addition, the Soviet Union in those years has the largest military bases not only in Egypt but also in the neighboring Bulgaria and Albania.

Then, in 1957, Americans have tried to isolate and undermine from within Syria, which completed the negotiations with Egypt to create the United Arab Republic.

(Recall SAR — united state of Syria and Egypt officially existed from February 1958 to September 1971)

It was about the overthrow of the "pronaserovskogo" (Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser) Syrian President Shukri Kouatly. At first it was planned to do with the participation of Israel, Jordan and Lebanon, but under all sorts of pretexts authorities to remove them from this "operation." Unlike Turkey, directly or indirectly, increasing tension on the Turkish-Syrian border. (Turkey joined NATO in February 1952)

Five ships of the 6th U.S. Navy approached the Syrian shores on September 8th, and 24th in the eastern Mediterranean were transferred 38 more U.S. warships led by the aircraft carrier "Lake Chemplen." The ships were about 10 thousand marines.

At the same time, to the Syrian coast were sent to the Soviet cruiser "Zhdanov"(Pictured)and the destroyer "Free". Soon they arrived at the port of Latakia, and this was the first visit of Soviet warships to Syria.

Ships of the Soviet Navy had been in the Syrian port before October 1, which prevented the implementation of NATO's plans against Damascus. And on October 7, NS Khrushchev openly told the "New York Times" J. Reston, that "the Soviet Union is serious and will not attack the Syrians."

"The U.S. ruling circles are literally pushing Turkey against Syria, and Turkey … even bares some parts of the border with the Soviet Union. But she does it … to no avail. " Khrushchev added that "… the United States are far from this area, and we — next door. If there start to shoot a gun, it is already difficult to stop. From machine guns and cannons business can reach rockets, which will lead to serious consequences. And myne made no secret of the fact that some of the weapons sold to Syria for its self-defense. "

At the same time in the ports of Yugoslavia and Albania, October 6-12, was visited by one cruiser and two destroyers of the Soviet Black Sea Fleet. On 13 October, Syrian Latakia profits Egyptian maritime transport had delivered the first units of Egyptian troops, equipped with Soviet weapons, to strengthen the defense of Syria. The Soviet Union has strengthened its forces on land and sea borders with Turkey and Istanbul are afraid of military action on the part of the USSR and Bulgaria, on the Black Sea.

At the same time, the number of U.S. troops at military bases in Turkey and Greece continued to grow.

However, the U.S. and its allies feared that the Soviet ships can "lock" the U.S. Navy, along with their Marines between the bases of the USSR near Alexandria (Egypt) and Vlora (Albania).

In addition, unequivocal approval to intervene in the Syrian situation of the United States and Turkey have not received from London, has a military bases in Malta, Cyprus and until October 1958 inclusive — in Jordan, as well as from Paris. The British and French, apparently, do not forget about the failure of Washington to support them during the Egyptian crisis and the deterioration of relations with the Soviet Union in autumn 1956.

It was possible to withdraw support from these aggressive plans and Iran. The call to abandon the escalation of tensions in and around Syria made in mid-October of Yugoslavia. A relationship it had been known, it is important for the U.S., and West in general.

Finally, the October 18, 1957 was published TASS statement, where, in particular, noted that "… the Turkish General Staff in conjunction with the U.S. military advisors to develop an operational plan for military operations against Syria … No one should doubt that in the event of an attack Syria Soviet Union, guided by the purposes and principles of the UN Charter and the interests of its security, will take all necessary measures to ensure to provide assistance to the victim of aggression. " At the same time in Egypt, Sudan, Iraq, Yemen, Jordan created armed groups of volunteers to be sent to Syria.

It is a position of principle Moscow and other countries, too, actually opposed the invasion of Syria, then allowed to maintain the integrity and sovereignty of Syria.

So dangerous precedent that is directly related with Syria in Middle Eastern history has been, and not so long ago, we observe …

Igor Voytenko

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