As the power of cheating the army

Any action of the Russian authorities, should be poured mud and presented in a bad light. These are the rules of the information war. And as the Russian government has no control over the Russian media, however, the main blow is struck it with their help.

At the end of 2011 in Russia was to raise wages for the military. Serious at times. How can it defame a positive effect? Having said that the government took more than a given.


This lie and run in the media. Understand it can be the only one who thoroughly knows the situation. That is — the military.

"In the general flow of information" pumping "of Russian society before and after the parliamentary elections held separately informational message of the slogan -" military Fooled Again. " In the heads of people actively promoted the idea that the state is again a lot of what he has promised, in particular, the unprecedented increase in the allowance, but, as usual, fooled. For example look no further need. Just look at the debate N.V.Starikova channel RBC. In these two opponents, people are very far from the Armed Forces, indignantly say that by raising wages war, took more than a given. Naturally no arguments and evidence not presented, offering them to believe in the word. They lied, period. Let us try to understand where, as the saying goes, "grow legs".

Elementary search results in a number of articles in various publications. But the greatest attention should be published in the "Independent Military Review" from 16.12.2011 titled "New Year's frustrating." Give here the entire text has no special meaning. Let us discuss some of the most "remarkable" excerpts from this publication.

By the end of the second paragraph, the author tries to impose his opinion the phrase "… people in uniform and veterans of the Army and Navy … in our opinion not very rejoice. Rather disappointing. " That's it! According to them! Just do not take into account the fact that the military, especially officers are well aware of how, and in what order they formed a monetary remuneration. "Dashing nineties," the officer corps taught to count and inspect every penny. So by reading this "masterpiece" of liberal journalism, you notice every detail and every "boo-boo."

Moving down the article. Skip the third paragraph with "excellent" improvement ("though no" salary ", he does not receive, because it does not earn") and move on to the fourth, which, according to the authors was to be a specimen of an analytical approach to the study of the illuminated subject. The first sentence reveals incompetence creators — "… a graduate of the military college in the first year of life has no seniority."

It's as simple as that? And where are the five years of study in a military school? Graduates of the military departments to the troops for officer positions for some time is not appointed. Therefore, voiced to in Article 30 thousand rubles, which for lieutenant platoon commander, constitute a basic "monetary salary," added seniority bonus. Length of service is considered the lieutenant falls within the range of 5 to 10 years. Allowance for it will be 10% of base salary.

Next, a truly "outstanding" idea is contained in the phrase "Second, make class qualification — a rifle platoon is a driver or a BMP armored personnel carriers." No need to have a military education, it is enough to know at least the approximate full-time organization of infantry platoons, to realize that the platoon officer position one — the commander of the platoon. And then a driver? This is the same position ranks. Nameless knight pen really wanted to show his awareness that combined in principle incompatible concepts. For officers of his great skill in their privates.

Security clearance future officers receive, as a military school cadets. The platoon leader security clearance is vital to work with maps, ciphers, and other managerial attributes. Allowance for the 2nd level of security clearance is 20% of base salary.

Further, the "Fourth, start the service in a remote area or areas equivalent to it, as well as parts of high-alert (and thus does not have the status of all units)." Let's start from the end of this sentence. The good news is that the author admits that such parts are, but does not say how many of these parts. However, he once again shows his "knowledge" of the naming of permanent readiness units high alert.

How many of these pieces in our country? Most of them. Therefore as a result of military reform in the first place have been cut of security cadre divisions and other anachronisms. Parts of constant combat readiness are not military colleges, but the probability of getting into them Lieutenant extremely small.

Now move on to the remote areas. These are the northern regions of Russia, Baikal, the Far East and some other regions, and that a large number of parts. Summing both components, we have a 90% chance that the lieutenant-graduate will receive the appropriate premium and on this point of law. And when you consider the fact that the article discusses lieutenant, infantry platoon commander, the probability of obtaining such allowance shall be 100%. Take its average value — 50% of base salary. While this is not entirely true, because in many parts of the specified increment reaches 80-100%% depending on the task, and that in the law.

What is it fifth? Again nonsense and incompetence. What other trips in military Forces in the North Caucasus in 2012? Or by going back there to unleash carnage? Why, when it comes to the tasks associated with the risk of their lives, then it's sure to hostilities and the Caucasus? At the root of wrong conclusions. In this section of the law deals with the parts that are occupied constant combat training. It includes all kinds of shooting, the maneuvers buildings and districts. Also under this item gets work crews spaceports, seasonings and neutralization stations and much more. And if we talk about the rifle platoon commander, he falls and under the allowance to the basic salary. It is calculated on a scale from 0 to 100%. For the calculations we take the figure of 50%, although in permanent readiness units this value is adjusted to 80-100%.

Let's do a final count. Though not consider other people's money well, we'll have to do it, in order to refute the validity of requiring a liberal rag. It is very convenient to use a calculator. Substituting all of the above allowances and receive 53,800 rubles. Conclusion — on a "much-touted leadership of the country and the Army" salary he can count on. In addition to this, he will rely on and additional benefits. The one-time dislocation allowance — 28,000, the annual financial aid — 28,000 and the annual premium — 84,000. Summing up the last two numbers and dividing by twelve months, and then adding to the resulting figure allowance, we have a large amount.

In principle this is possible and to stop, but for some reason the article "Independent Military Review" does not end, and begins a pathetic, provocative rhetoric, which should cause the understandable feelings and emotions. To quote — "why in his speeches and promises of high-level politicians do not share the aspiration and reality? And often give out one after another. With obscure or well-calculated targets? '. Just some kind of conspiracy on the part of th
e President and Prime Minister against the military.

Having made such an overwhelming assumption, run a few more armor piercing facts. It turns out that the military is not only given a smaller, but more and taken away! First — away free travel to the place of vacation and back. First, no one was taking. The move is planned and discussed. Secondly, for some reason forget that such benefits could be used once a year, while the soldiers, with their big vacations, sometimes up to three leaves. Accordingly, all the other trips they paid for themselves. Third, even if such a cancellation occurs, the most expensive areas in the (Far East, the Far North) such benefits remain.

About the abolition of the compensation for the spa treatment does not make sense and write, with the amount of compensation of 600 rubles a year. Especially because at the Defense Ministry preserved beautiful resorts across the country, where military personnel and their families can enjoy a modest by today's standards, the price.

What is needed in greater detail, so it's on the payment of housing lease. Especially in view of the author's words, that the housing "… a service, on many years of experience, not everyone gets." It is significant that it is not specified, on whose experience is it based employees HBO. With service housing situation today is such that the lieutenant, coming to the garrison for several days gets a room in a hostel at the same time he is a participant of the military mortgage. In 3-4 years, already lieutenant could afford to buy an apartment, taking advantage of mortgage savings. Moreover, in any region of the country. And the 3-4 year bachelor lieutenant and can live in a dorm, especially as they currently are in very good condition. Married officers, particularly those with children, you can expect to receive a service apartment. The problems with these apartments as there are in the big cities (Moscow, St. Petersburg), in remote garrisons, usually problems with getting no service housing. So, cancellation compensation for sublet absolutely the right decision. It is a lot there was all sorts of machinations around this payment. Just look at the number of criminal cases, the institution on this article.

For whom is this article? First of all, it is far from the Army and Navy are people for whom this information will be another brick so carefully arrayed wall of distrust government liberal media. In the second place, it is those who are thinking about contract service due to the increased allowance. And only then — it's military personnel and their families.

Alas, but the goal is only partially achieved. Active discussion is only in a civilian environment. A military … How's the author — "Armies do not get used." That's it. Do not get used. And for such items too.

PS Anticipating questions about the abolition of payment for the orders of the Defense Ministry and the number 400A number 1010, I will answer. These payments were temporary. Payments are made only officers. After the implementation of the Federal Law number 306, they will be canceled. "

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