As U.S. intelligence agencies earn huge money

As U.S. intelligence agencies earn huge money
In the conditions of modern interstate rivalry is increasingly spills over into the economic sphere. To ensure corporate preferences in the course are all the means and methods for disk imaging level economic and technological development. Yearly losses from industrial espionage under 1st separately taken country is estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars. Because there is nothing unusual in the fact that in the 1990s in the United States raised the question of whether to allow the South American intelligence organizations work on private companies.

Currently, the South American companies occupy a leading position in the world because of severe incentive for networking and personal security services sector has been the global nature of public interests of America. In addition, due to the increasing complexity of global processes global role of intelligence services in the world today has significantly improved. And since this day America, in fact, is the only state, which has global interests, its intelligence agencies, of course, are at the forefront. Intelligence agencies can much simpler and easier to solve problems related to bureaucratic and technological obstacles that significantly saves time. So Makar, today special services are no longer only for government equipment, and turned into an independent player in the world economy and politics.

South American hegemony in the world is provided by multi-billion dollar commercial projects, which involve both municipal intelligence and security service companies. One of the clearest examples of a financial group can serve as «Carlisle», in assets which is above 54 billion dollars. In higher politkrugah its interests vigorously promotes George HW Bush. Over the past decade, this group has made entry into the personal and municipal structures of some states, including sources say, and the British military intelligence. In other words, there is reason to believe that the British intelligence group controlled by U.S. money.

It should also be noted that there is information indicating that the economic component of the U.S. intelligence activities in recent years has increased substantially. In zabugornye structures were introduced undercover officers hidden departments. These puzzles came destabilization, disintegration and destruction of national economies. In addition, to a large extent activate latent activities of such companies as «Halliburton», «Rendon Group», «United Fruit Company.» With the help of a South American government intelligence for many years Baksova solves the problem of binding in many countries to establish control over their economies. Naturally, all this was done under the guise of combating underdevelopment of these countries.

Note that in the military sphere and the role of the security services is very high. So, namely, first XXI century, a new step expansion of America in the East under the guise of fighting terrorism. In addition, there is also information that the South American intelligence agencies, besides the active role in the organization of municipal coups in almost all countries of the world, earning huge amounts of money on this.

So, spices 3 more influential institutions (Berkeley, Harvard and Stockholm) were analyzed, according to which South American intelligence agencies not only possessed inside information, and used it extensively for profit. Namely, it is about coups in Guatemala and Iran in 1950, operations in Cuba in 1961, the operation to overthrow Allende in Chile favorite 1973. The fact that the overthrow of regimes unfriendly America, the handiwork of intelligence agencies, already for anybody is not lurking. It was their main task. Suffice it to recall the words of the 1st American diplomat, George Kenan, who read about the need to act pragmatically, to protect supplies of minerals, which are at the disposal of the United States.

In addition, it was found out and that on the eve of Western military operations in Libya to overthrow the political regime, her favorite Gadhafi undertook some measures aimed at weakening the position of global companies in the Libyan oil market (meaning revision of concession agreements). So makarom assumed that foreign companies will be able to claim a maximum of a few percent of the total volume of oil that is produced in the country. Earlier, the figure was over 50 percent. All these acts have become a prerequisite and that most of the professionals described the military operation in Libya by another as «oil war.»

Together with those in the press came out another very fascinating information. As it turns out, the South American intelligence agencies not only provide South American global interests in the world, and often play the stock market in order to profit from their own activities. With all of this scheme has been very, very is ordinary: fused intelligence agencies about the future blasting operations international corporations, and already jointly profit. Question, namely, the situation in Chile and Guatemala, when the government came to power, who spent the nationalization of U.S. assets. And the information that soon these assets will return to the old owners, which enabled the owners of this disk imaging to receive billions of dollars of revenue.

A striking example is the «Operation Ajax», which in 1953 was held in Iran and K.Ruzveltom aimed at overthrowing the premier M.Mossadyka. Being in power, he nationalized oil assets, which used one of the British companies. As a result, operations on the throne again returned check. It is clear that America is not just for helping Britain, at first she was pursuing its own interests, which is to establish control over oil. In addition, A.Dalles, who was director of the CIA, and had their personal interests before enlist in the intelligence, he worked in a law firm, which was engaged in the affairs of this British company.

Similarly, in 1954, was held in Guatemala napolovinuvoennaya operation whose aim was to overthrow President H.Arbensa who dared to encroach upon the property of the American company «United Fruit Company.»

In addition, the Americans were negotiating with Saudi Arabia. In exchange for petrodollars the Saudis received techno support, military supplies and training. Ultimately there was a US-Saudi Finance Commission. According to the results of the negotiations it was assumed that for the funds will be hired Arabia South American companies that planned to make a profit of over 10’s years. The condition was that Saudi Arabia pledged to take on petrodollars South American securities, the interest on which should go to the country’s modernization.

After the South American special forces operations in Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama and South American companies reap huge dividends from the use of natural resources, such Makar, they are pretty tight established in these regions.

If we talk about the more recent examples of U.S. intelligence cooperation with private corporations, it is first necessary to say a few words about the events of 1990. Then South American intelligence agency intercepted a series of messages, which concerned transactions between a Japanese company and the Indonesian government on the satellite equipment. Ultimately, the contract received American company.

In 1992-1993, during the same intelligence agency foiled attempt top manager of the company «General Motors,» to convey the secrets of German concern «Volkswagen». In 1993, the FBI along with the NSA were listening to the 1st of the hotels in Seattle, where the conference of APEC. Goal — getting infy about the coming construction of power plants and thermal power plants in Vietnam.

In 1994, the CIA led surveillance of developments leading Japanese automakers. All information transmitted to the South American concerns «Ford», «Chrysler» and «General Motors.» In the same year the National Security Agency engaged in the interception of telephone records and listening discussions between the airline and the Saudi European consortium «Airbus», resulting in the South American company «Boeing» and «McDonnell Douglas» received the six-contract.

Another source of income of U.S. intelligence, which became clear relatively recently — is drug trafficking. Thus, for example. In 2007 in Mexico plane crashed «Grumman Gulf Stream II». During the investigation it was found in the ruins of about 6 tons of drugs. Then all blamed on the local drug lords. But later it turned out that this plane has a very black past. During the investigation it was found that this ts not once used by South American special services for transportation of persons involved in terrorist organizations, Guantanamo, also in the so-called hidden bullpen. But often this aircraft flew along the route Colombia — America — Colombia, and its passengers were Colombian traffickers, who were taken to the United States to enter into multi-million dollar deals.

Similar stories happen often enough. Drug use in America grows so fast that cartels are obliged to actually go to create new routes. Because the reliability of read is not necessary. Planes carrying drugs, carrion, were obliged to make emergency landing in Colombia, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama and Guatemala. And very often in the investigation appeared information that the aircraft operated by these South American agency that leads the fight against drug trafficking.

So Makar, of course, that the United States is not fighting drug trafficking, but strongly contributes to its development. Indisputable proof of this is the history of relations with the Panamanian president M.Noregu South American intelligence agencies. So, when the country was a struggle with levomarksistskim movement, he did not once ordered Yankees services supported operations for the transfer of drugs in America and produced purchase guns for the proceeds to the Contras. Part of the proceeds settled on his personal accounts. Americans warned him, trying to force engaged in drug trafficking for personal gain, but Noriega was sure that he had not moved, so he knew a lot about the secret operations of the Yankees. But he was wrong. For his arrest was specifically conducted a military operation with the introduction of tanks, aircraft, artillery. As a result, the victims were about 20 thousand civilians. President of the Panamanian taken to America and long years exiled in jail. And all in order, so he kept quiet and did not dare to claim their share in the drug business, owned by the United States of America …

So makarom budgets State Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency as a result of all the above operations and schemes over the years have gained fabulous limits.

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