At Moscow attacked by wild boars

Corn fields in the area attacked Shchelkovo wild boars, who are in search of ears destroyed entire hectares of crops, and the temptation to eat fresh corn for animals is stronger than fear. Farmland owners have decided to prepare for swine "bait", reported in the report "Vesti-Moscow".

This year, the invasion of wild boars compared with locusts — they come on the field only after the corn is fully ripe, and then eat them from the bottom stem and choose cobs. It began two years ago, and farmers tried all possible ways to fight, but the desire to satisfy your hunger for pigs than fear.

"We were on duty when the margin, it is machine, bonfire, they go in front of a crowd of 30-40 goals and go past you, as if you did not notice," — says, hunters Schelkovskogo Hunting and Fishing Alexander Krylov.

Owners of farmland turned to the hunters, and they decided to divert the attention of the animals from the fields with the help of special "feeding grounds", which lay out the apples, pears, and wheat. There is undeveloped and a special pool and wrapped mesh tree to a wild boar could scratch and get rid of parasites.

Night Watch show that daily visit this site 30-40 individuals, including pigs. They come usually after 22:00 and leave early in the morning, completely cleaned up the area. Were you able to divert attention from pigs planting corn, will be announced in a few weeks.

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