August 18, 2013 to begin an alien invasion

Stan Hernandez (Stan
Hernandez) who visited the annual meeting of the experts in the field of UFOs, alien abductions human survivors, former soldiers and astronauts exposed to extraterrestrial intelligence, announces the presentation of the psychic and contactee Richard Atkins.

Atkins incredible statement attracted the attention of all those present. Still, after the psychic said that there is a 90% chance of an alien invasion of the planet in the next year:

August 2013 to begin an alien invasion. The government is under the control of the Reptilians for many years, but now the truth will be revealed. Will be rivers of blood and unprecedented natural disasters. End of the world will come to many, and the survivors will be enslaved by alien reptiles. Our existence is not for aliens nor any sense, except as slaves. We are launching unmanned spacecraft into their territory and the result of such scientific experiments will be August 18, 2013, when the Reptilians arrive on our planet. "

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