Aura today

Today, it is not necessary to place any person in the volume chamber to see his aura. With the help of special devices, it is easy to "read" with the palm of the hand. Now it is known that aura — is a complex summation of biological currents of the human body, and physically — electromagnetic waves emitted by every cell.

This is part of the biofield, which is beyond the physical body and forms around the structure in the form of a cocoon. People still approach this phenomenon from different perspectives: the philosophers — in search of the truth, physics — in terms of academic excellence, religious figures — recalling the canonical writings, physicians — conducting research and experiments.

Aura with photographic accuracy reflects the physical, mental, emotional state, it shows the level of spirituality, ability and inclination. Color, shape, brightness and transparency, integrity and value — all of the important information is that if you can get any other way, it is only after long and very complex surveys.

Area of application of data provided a snapshot of the energy cocoon, is very wide: from diagnosis to recruitment. With pictures of the aura, in particular, we can identify the leader of the group, as well as to analyze the psychological compatibility of its participants. However, there are people who do not need special equipment to see the aura. It is about a psychic.

Ultrasensitive perception of energy flows allows them to assert that our luminous cocoon colorful — not only a wealth of information, but also the protection and tool interaction with the world and among people in a period of strong aurora aura a person has prophetic dreams. And really, why are some people we at first sight seem cute and trustworthy, while others inspire hostility?

All of this, experts say, the result vnesoznatelnogo contact and assessment occurring at the level of the exchange energies. At the same time, a strong flow of negative emotions (envy, anger, resentment) create "noise" in our field and destroys the protective cocoon. As a result, suffer physical health, the human mind, everything in life goes awry.

That is the most damage and the evil eye, which our ancestors feared and continue to fear contemporaries. Positive impact on the aura, restoring strength and integrity energokokona is beneficial and healing effect on the body, returns to man the strength and joy of life.

Therefore, thanks to the vision of the aura, many psychics, nymphs, and shamans can accurately judge the suitability of each other in love, what kind of relationship a person has with their parents or colleagues, whether it goes through life your way, whether in need of assistance. However, and scientists agree that the study of the aura can still teach us a lot of wonderful surprises.

Author of the article:

Igolkina Marina

Source — the social network of Moldova

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