Autoradio continue to fight for the airwaves

On Tuesday March 29 the Supreme Economic Court of Belarus upheld the National Commission on Television and Radio to stop broadcasting "Autoradio". The new composition of the court — this time the judge Dmitry Alexandrov — accepted a claim to the radio station of the Republican committee.

Two and a half months, the director of "Autoradio" Yuri Bazan appeal against the warning of the Ministry of Information and the decision of the Republican Commission for Television and Radio Broadcasting Ministry of Information to terminate vyshchannya. One court "Autoradio" won. Filed a complaint with the Ministry of Information. Mr. Bazan says it's like a game of ping-pong. Number until 2-1 in favor of the Ministry of Information. But "Autoradio" is not going to give up:

"We follow the path of the Ministry of Information. Will file a cassation complaint. Is simply no other way. "

Prevention of the Ministry of Information did not cause the termination of broadcasting. The reason — a violation of the so-called creative concept, where exactly are the ratio as a percentage of music, advertising, news programs on the radio station. In "Autoradio" found a violation of the order of tenths of a percent.

Bazan"Yes it can not be done! Professor of Mathematics has proven that it can not be executed because the advertising is jumping! Even if you try to perform accurately, the demands of the Ministry of Information to the nearest second. New program can not turn on because something must be ruled out. All programs must be the same length. Absurd full. I'm telling you, even mathematically proven that it is impossible! But the judge did not even listen, saying that there are numbers of divergence, so violated. "

Even mathematically proven that it is impossible!

The approximate sample creative concept placed on the official website Ministry of Information in the "Reminders, advice, instructions, forms, orders, tables, lists". That is, it is not even legal act. I'm trying to find out who says this creative concept, the principles on which, in the employee of the Office of Electronic Media Yuri Tsarik, who defended the interests of the Ministry of Information in court:

— I, unfortunately, had no relationship to the development of regulations, so I can not comment on the matter to the competent.

— And who can?

— Hmm … Frankly, a good question … Essentially, I might try to clarify who is competent is a matter can not comment.

Yuri Tsarik asked him to call in half an hour. But then, in consultation with management, expressed the position of the Ministry of Information:

"Comments will not be. All the more so it is relevant to the case, which is likely to be askarzhvatstsa, as I understand it. Therefore, no comment. "

Interestingly, the other FM-radio stations in the Ministry of Information has never claims to fulfill the creative concept was not. Director of Radio "Rocks" Valentine Pis, that prior to the execution of creative concepts, says:

"They seem to keep track of, but do not say anything. The main thing — 75% of them ".

Program director of the radio "Unistar" Julia Zavgorodnyaya outlined their understanding of the concept:

"We have precise written instructions do not and never has been. "Autoradio, as far as I know, said that while they will not, we do not have to perform. And we really do not have to. We see this as 75% of our music broadcast. We have, in addition, not many musical elements of ether, but we do not take them into account. Only the amount of songs. If the hour, for example, 12 sound tracks, 8 of them must be Belarus. "

When asked why the Ministry of information in different ways to treat a variety of media, on Monday at the trial with the "People's Will" aptly said Head of Legal Department Victoria Myaleshka. Meaning of the answer is that every day thousands of people violate traffic rules, and the administrative responsibility draw units. Like, Ministry of Information unable to keep track of all the media, but only selectively …


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