Autukhovich: I will present a lot of facts. If you will not kill me

This string of letters on the "Freedom" of the Belarusian political prisoner Autukhovich. In his post, a former businessman from Vaukavysk describes the abuse and torture that were used against him and his fellow prisoners in the detention center Valadarski Street in Minsk from February 2009 to June 2010.

Autukhovich writes:

"Always being in prison, collected and gather evidence of arbitrariness, abuse, torture on the part of those who have the power, but because I can tell you about many of the episodes relating to abuse human rights and the suppression of its virtues. I want to draw attention to the fact that these things apply to those people who want to unnecessarily condemn them to get the necessary evidence and assurance that they will not be anywhere to complain.

"Methods of pressure in the arsenal of the system — most different"

In the detention center did not shun any physical or moral pressure on the person. Because I refused to give evidence, they have not been summoned for questioning about seven months. All this time, I'm always eager to break, but because repetsiravali me all kinds of scenes from intimidation. For 18 months, I have experienced the test a variety of ways. We operatives there a science.

Spies were trying to convey to me, "reliable information" about the fact that someone is going to "rub" Autuhovich …

First, immediately put him in one of the worst cameras. Typically, the distribution of the prisoners in the cells involved operatives. I got into the chamber 179, where 15 drug was 24 people. I had to sleep in turns. If the jailer realized that I was able to stand up for myself and my permanent berth, they enlisted the help of the so-called "spies."

In each of the detention unit, there are people working for the operatives. It is generally from 2 up to 5. After inmates spies trying to convey to me, "reliable information" about the fact that someone is going to "rub" Autuhovich. However, I managed to untie this problem.

From time to time, a contingent of my fellow prisoners were exchanged for a more audacious. These people were looking for a reason for conflict with me. In short, tried to push and provoke at every turn.

"The camera, which does not get hot from the outside"

In the detention center of the camera, like the one where I was sitting, saying, "It does not get hot from the outside." This means that there are people that no one brings gear.

If the transfer brought me, the inmates looked at me like I was the enemy and trying to distribute my products. If Opera realized that here I was not broke, began methodical searches. The whole cell driven underground, and in the camera was turned all our stuff. Cell in the dungeons cold, and there were always drafts. Hold for one hour, two, and sometimes three, and may even half of the day. You walk into the camera — everything is upside down. Of all the bags have turned out everything but the back of these things do not always put. Sometimes in my bag was stolen, and vice versa. I constantly argued with the administration about my things and returned them to me.

From April to September the water in the taps was a rarity. Typed in what you can. If there was no water, then go to the toilet was not.

All the cameras are displayed in the hallway and put on the stretch, not all, but selectively. At night, never turned out the light.

"Reaching out to physicians was not possible"

There were cases when the doctor came in the morning, even though the door banging in the evening. On one such occasion will dwell.

For a while I was on the medical unit, the cell A twenty-sixth in the next cell, 27 were mentally unbalanced people. They often came to calm the opera-controllers. They tied the "Freaks" to the drug, and was beaten, so to speak, to educate. Through the ventilation window of our camera could see what was being done at the neighbors.

If, however, the doctor came, it became clear that this is tied to drug people — dead …

One night, a comforting "crazy," or someone who "mowed" a motherfucker. They tied a man to a bed and beaten. The cell door was opened, and therefore arrested all to see. Witnesses were beating Evgeny Goncharov, Sergey Padvysotski and Egor and Vova, whose names also can be improved. Zbivshy this man, the supervisors are gone. It took several hours, the evening passed inspection, and the inmates were broken noticed that the man did not move. They began to knock on the door and call the doctor. And so knocked about 40 minutes, the doctor on duty at the post is five meters. If the doctor did come, it was clear that this man is tied to the drug — is dead. Surname killed was the name of the hard S. controller — Bobko. They called an ambulance. Man "written off as dead of natural causes."

Another incident. My cell was a man, who masked men knocked out teeth. These broken teeth, he brought the camera in his hands. They tried to force not to write complaints. The man resisted, and it artificially "sewn" to the high-profile case of Gomel boss nicknamed "The Soldier". The body, taking the man out of the cell, handcuffed him, which are not generally practiced.

He was taken to the torture chambers, the so-called chamber for violent or rubber. It's a small room, paneled with soft material to, beating, do not break a man's head.

In the rubber chamber of my neighbor waited two masked. They began to beat him while saying, "Well, do not complain changed your mind?".

Neighbor was taken to the dungeons in the so-called chamber for violent or rubber. It's a small room, paneled with soft material to, beating, do not break a man's head …

I also had to meet with a man who was crippled during the investigation. He formally received the paper on disability. When I began the trial, I wanted to announce this fact with his consent. But it was announced administration. Invalid intimidated. They promised to "hang" it's been another murder. He was very frightened, but because I have not announced this fact. Sideltsy was given 12 years and promised that if he remains silent, it will help to quickly escape.

Also in our camera was a man who spent the night in the office of the police in a pose of "swallow". Button up your hands and feet together behind her back. Even after a month he had blue hands so that it is clear why this is. The names of all the participants I have. And I'm willing to call them.

"The methods of intimidation often fail, and of people doing a zombie or a pliable animals"

What is happening today in jails and prisons, can not be called correctional process. Intimidation often fail, and of people doing a zombie or just yielding animals. Make the country one of us cowards, spies, villains. This policy of our country is, perhaps, from the great love of his people. And then we wonder why it is so sad.

It's sad because a lot of shorts and little men. In this regard, I want to tell you about one person, with whom I had the opportunity to sit in jail for "Volodarka." There are many people who do not want to leave the detention centers and to go to the colony. Typically, this is a category as former opera investigators. They are literally being asked to leave them in jail, and as I know, some even paying to stay there. Despite this, plus the colony, as the fresh air, in jail, these people feel a lot
more comfortable. Here, for example, you can receive a monthly parcels, packages. With the necessary things for a person is also much less of a problem. One of the four barman in my camera belonged to such former. He took care of all the "visyaki."

If everyone who tasted on torture yourself, talk about it, they long to walk in freedom …

It has already received three years for his 22 episodes theft. However, he wanted to take on another 28 episodes. He often traded with operatives: you pay for the crimes disclosed to 330 thousand prize, then half of them — my. There was even a case where the documents he is at one and the same day committed two crimes. First — in Minsk, and after 45 minutes — in Grodno, where allegedly robbed the apartment. This is a sketch of the prafesiyanalizme employees of our prison system.

Officials understand that the power that is all it covers, not eternal. If everyone who endured torture, talk about it, then such a short time to officials to walk in freedom.

Time changes everything, and I will lay out a lot of facts, if they are, of course, will not kill me. "


Avtukhovich, torture

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