Babys body from the Atacama Desert studied

The so-called "alien" in the Atacama Desert (Chile) is largely externally similar to the famous Russian "Alexis of Kyshtym." Short stature, head shape, even a similar position and the degree of preservation. The story of his finding no less mysterious than the story of Alexis.

15-year-old boy from the Chilean city Antofagsta Armando Henrikvez early childhood fond ufology. Having learned that the desert of Atacama often seen unidentified flying objects, October 25, 2002, he went by bus to the city pripustynny Mehilones, and then walk to the sand dunes.

According to him the boy wandered all that was done in his possession during daylight with a cherished desire to see a UFO. But alas! Was beginning to get dark when Armando decided to return to the city, but suddenly came across a boulder. Going up to the stone, he noticed a little beside him crawling creature.

At first the boy thought it was a common lizard, but then, looking closer, stood in amazement. Before him on the sand lay a tiny living creature resembling a caricature of the person: the head-to frail body was remarkably well developed. Armando familiar with UFO books and illustrated them, realized that the stranger in front of him, albeit a very small one.

The boy carefully looked around, hoping to see a "flying saucer", but it was not visible. Lying on the sand as the stranger pulled the handle, as if asking for help. But first, a few times a teenager walked around the stone, hoping to find at least some small fragments clearly miniature spacecraft. But found nothing, he wrapped his find in a handkerchief, and went back.

As you would expect, this is unknown to people living creature lived just a few days. It died, probably from the fact that they could not eat human food and breathe the air of the earth. Dying alien shrinks before your eyes, and at the time of his death became a mummy, which Armando handed in a research center of Santiago.

There she was immediately given the name Kid. Ufologists are already seeing it, do not doubt that the little stranger appeared on Earth from other worlds.

The experts made an X-ray and computed tomography of the body supposedly alien, according to the project site recently disclosure.

Head of "Disclosure» (Disclosureproject) — Dr. Steven Greer reported the completion of the study of a small body, presumably alien. Mr. Greer (born June 28, 1955) is an American osteopath and. ufologist who founded the project "Orion» (Orion) and "Disclosure."

Steven Greer says, "After many weeks of traveling, we're back and happy to announce that the amazing results were obtained in the course of our research to a possible extraterrestrial origin of the body."

"Dr. Bravo, Emery Smith, and I went to a country which is now the" home "for this small body of possible alien and were able to successfully gain extensive x-rays and a CT scan of the body. We were also able to obtain DNA samples in sterile surgical conditions. These DNA samples being studied one of the world's leading geneticists. "

X-ray and computed tomography showed an intact biological organism humanoid, no doubt. Thanks to an amazing 3-D images from detailed CT, we were able to recreate the structure of the body, and we were able to see the internal organs such as the lungs and what I'm pretty sure that could be called the heart structure.

Greer added, "These images were recently considered the main authority in the world by skeletal abnormalities, skeletal dysplasia and uterine education, and he said that this creature is different from any known human skeletons. We also know that this is not an ancient hominid and at the same time it is humanoid, but, apparently, not a man. "

And this judge, as well as the radiologist, who heads the center, which was carried out CT scans and X-rays, said that bone density does not match the characteristics of the body 20-22 week aborted human fetus. There were too much calcium in the bones of the fetus of this age. The doctors believe that the creature was postpartum at the time of death (ie, lived for a time outside the womb, of course, if there was a pre-natal development …).

Procedures for DNA studies are complicated and time consuming. Literally the best to date technologies will be used in the study. And the team of experts, no doubt — is the most advanced and professional team that could be collected. DNA tests will take about two months, and possibly longer.

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