Bandazheuski: Emissions from Fukushima — a danger to Belarus

The head of the coordination of the analytical center "Ecology and Health" (Kiev), MD, Professor Yuri Bandazheuski believes that emissions of radiation on the "Fukushima-1" are dangerous for the population of Belarus.

On He said, Belarusian population has undergone intensive radiation exposure since 1960. "Given the radiation received after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, in the body of virtually every citizen of Belarus has radioactive elements — said Bandazheuski. — In particular, the result is poor health of Belarusians. In this situation, an additional amount of radioactive iodine and cesium, which is not excluded , will also come into our territory, is cause for concern because it can cause additional health problems of the population. "

Bandazheuski emphasized that relatively small doses of radiation dangerous to human health, they accumulate in the brain and other vital organs, triggering pathological processes. This causes, among other adverse factors increase cancer, heart disease vessels, especially for people living in the contaminated area. Particularly unfavorable situation for people who already have high concentrations of radionuclides. "It is therefore necessary to take measures relating to radiation protection of the population," — he said.

Bandazheuski advises in such a situation to take iodine, "to at least protect the thyroid gland." However, he said that "the dosage of the drug should be agreed with the doctor." Bandazhevsky also advises on the menu include seafood, seaweed and other algae. With the development of nuclear energy edaprafilyaktyka said Bandazheuski is necessary, and deal with it needed long time.

Bandazheuski added that "to build a nuclear power plant in Belarus in such development of nuclear energy in the world — complete madness." He believes that the country has "been an environmental disaster and the extinction of the population."

"When suggests, that without nuclear energy is no progress, I say: you have sick people, and you talk about the progress by the nuclear power industry. You want to build another source of loss of life? You want to destroy the Belarusian nation? My position: new nuclear construction — this is a new condition for the disappearance of the Belarusian nation, "- said Professor Bandazheuski.

In Belarus, as well as in Russia and the countries of the European Union, had traces of radioactive substances from emissions at the "Fukushima-1". However, according to the Department of gidrametearalegii Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, their level in Belarus has been extremely low. Health Minister Vasyl Zarko also believes that the reason for alarm among the population there.

As stated in the Republican Center of Radiation Control, "radiation situation in Belarus remains stable." The dose rate of gamma radiation in the air monitoring network on March 28, is in the areas of "Chernobyl contamination" of 20 mikrarengen Chechersk per hour to 55 per hour mikrarengen in Bragin and mikrarengen 10-12 per hour for the rest of the territory. This corresponds to average data over many years.

22-hours in the air and "Radio Liberty" Professor Yuri Bandazheuski answer questions from Radio Liberty.

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