Bark beetles in six months destroyed 400 hectares of Bryansk forests

BRYANSK, Aug. 4 — RIA Novosti. More than 400 hectares of Bryansk forests killed in the first six months of this year because of bark beetles, told RIA Novosti expert management of forests in the Bryansk region on Thursday.

Last year it killed the bugs in the region of about 300 hectares of forest, which is comparable to the damage from the wildfires of 2010.

The reason for this "invasion" was mass reproduction bark, which last summer gave two generations, not including nursing generations.

According to the agency interlocutor, the spread of bark beetle on the Bryansk region this summer is very intense, the area of forest populated by them in July reached 500 hectares. Velocity of propagation at times is very high: through any given section of the forest in the area Dyatkovo a half weeks pest "settled" with five hectares to 60 hectares.

"Bark beetle came to the region through Belarus from Germany and Poland in the 90's of the last century, the largest outbreak was observed in 2001, then gradually went decrease population size. But the past dry summer again sharply increased source area mass reproduction bark and therefore the area of drying crops grown in the region four times, "- said the expert.

To date, she said, the bark beetle is threatening not only the Bryansk forests, he actively inhabits forests, Kaluga, Moscow, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, and other areas.

Bark beetle — one of the most dangerous forest pests, the main host plant which is spruce. If the pest infests the tree trunk, is dying and shedding bark, upper trunk, and the needles in the crown is still green. Then there is a gradual loss and shedding of needles and dying bark bottom of the barrel.

According to experts, to deal with the very difficult because of the bug hidden way of life, so use any chemicals to impossible. The only thing you can do — is to cut down on time infected plantations. In this timber, which have enough time to remove the bark, suitable for use, however, if such trunks stand for the season, they will lose because of the technical suitability of secondary injuries.

RIA Novosti

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