Became known the truth about the disaster in Katyn?

Became known the whole truth about the tragedy of Katyn?U.S. declassified archival documents, according to which administration President Franklin Roosevelt knew about the executions of Russian special services over the Polish prisoners of war in the 40s in Katyn, reports ITAR-TASS.

Historians, commenting on the State Archives of the United States posted the documents, there are manifestations of the then U.S. administration loyalty to the political regime of Stalin, as the white-washed house was keen to enlist the help of Russian Union in the war against Japan.

According to the archives, the fascist command organized a trip of American and British prisoners of war in Katyn. There they were shown the mass graves of Poles. This fact does not have any hesitation, that the Germans, not so long ago occupied the area of the Smolensk region, had no relationship to what has happened. In Washington, this was told by intelligence channels POWs Donald Stewart and John Van Vlayt.

After the war, the last two reports was the trip to Katyn. The first of them disappeared without any trace. Second, dated 50th year, has become the basis for the investigation of the events of a disaster committees of the U.S. Congress.

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