Belarus does not want to make public the list of unwanted European officials

Belarus will not publish lists of European and American officials, who banned the entry into its territory. A closure of the OSCE office in Minsk does not mean reducing the level of interaction with the organization. So said a spokesman for the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Andrei Savinykh.

A representative Polish delegation in April is going to the memorial service at Katyn. Usually Poles traveled to Katyn through Belarus. But This year,, after the introduction of the EU visa sanctions against Belarusian officials, a spokesman for the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Andrei Savinykh said that, they say, among the Polish citizens who will travel to Katyn, there may be "legal persons whose participation is dictated solely by political ambitions … denied entry to the territory of Belarus, but that's their problem. "

Therefore, the Polish delegation is to get to the Katyn bypassing Belarus. On a direct question will be made public lists of European and American officials, who are denied entry to Belarus Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Savinykh replied:

Andrei Savinykh

Andrei Fedorov

"Publish lists will not be as specific information a person can get in on zvyartanni Belarusian visa. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not name any quantitative parameters of this list. We said only that he is not a "mirror image" list prepared by the European Union. "

Political scientist Andrei Fedorov said that the European Union has published the list, but the United States, for example, never published. As for Belarus, which also does not want to make public the list of junk to move, Fedorov opined:

"In my opinion, this is done to this list could change the Belarusian side. There are a number of people that are undesirable from the point of view of the official Minsk in Belarus vyazhzhats, and now someone is making statements, and then it should make. And then — to declare publicly that here is one more added to the list? They are just easier to work yourself. I believe that most of the people who is there, know that here they are unlikely to enter. Another thing is that their is not very much confused, I think. "

March 31 ceased operations office of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). The head office of the Ambassador Benedikt Haller leaves Belarus. But that does not mean clotting relations, argues Andrei Savinykh:

"We have repeatedly stated that the Republic of Belarus plans to develop a relationship with the OSCE in all areas of policy actions. The presence of OSCE observers at the trial — a clear confirmation. Closure of the office in any case can not mean reducing the level of interaction with the organization. On the contrary, we look forward to the further intensification of our cooperation. "

According to Andrei Fedorov, the relations between Belarus and the OSCE will continue, but they will become more common and less significant:

"Office in the last few days doing some relatively small, but concrete actions which programs are implemented. To a much greater extent, by the way, with the government's side than with civil society. I'm not sure now that the OSCE will continue to Belarusian special programs without having its office here. It's just very uncomfortable — if an urgent need to solve some issues, via Vienna to communicate with a representative? Maybe Belarus will participate in some general programs OSCE, but, as much, then I think it's unlikely. "


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