Belarusian-Russian border — without transport control

Since April 1, the abolition of controls on the transport of all car crossing points located on the Belarusian-Russian borderland. On the Auto-advance "Zaolsha" in Vitebsk region virtually no queues, and drivers of trucks are hoping that more hours in the queue will not have to stand.

Auto-advance "Zaolsha" is located about 50 km from Vitebsk: the Vitebsk region is bordered by Russia's Smolensk region.

The Belarusian no queues

To pass on the Belarusian side, the queue waiting 1-2 trucks. At the entrance to the Russian Federation — 3-4 trucks.


One of the drivers, Waldemar, returned to Kovno from Russia — carries cargo from Demidova:

The driver, Waldemar pleased.

"I came, I saw — there is no queue. You do not have to go out, put the press, wait type in their computer … This is good! "

Mr. Waldemar says he even had to sleep in turns. And today, in a booth under the guise of "Transport Control" no one. Control is removed.

The driver Saulius: "Before the Belarusians were for a long time"

On the previous line for Auto-advance mentions Mr. Saulius, he also goes to Lithuania from Russia:

"I'm going to Siauliai from Moscow. Sometimes the queue for two kilometers were. And now there is no queue — and OK! Long before there were as many cars there. This is a long time, as there were queues at the window for registration. Therefore, the Belarusians are usually long standing. "

Saulius driver tells that the procedure of registration of short duration in time — if there is permission for free entry — then 5 minutes, if the permit fee — a tenth of delays occurred because the car was going much, and traffic control workers were not working very quickly.

On the Russian side of the vehicle no control.

On the Russian side is an empty car with the logo "traffic control." But no one is stopping. Representatives of other border officials just waved his hand, saying, "prayazhzhay," notes Andrew driver who travels from Vilnius to Moscow:

"It has become easier — no need to go to the transport, and no queues, respectively. Rather, it is now cross the border, and much easier! "

Andrew Driver: Yes Transport comes no longer need

Now the Belarusian-Russian border work exclusively weighing systems. The transport controls will be carried out only at the external border of the Union State. Belarusian specialists will check whether the carriers that travel to Russia, the Russian resolution and weight parameters correspond to the Russian standards of vehicles.

On the Vitebsk region of Belarus-Russian borderland operated 6-point vehicle inspection. At the checkpoints are not only controlled the transport documents, but also pay for travel authorization. According to the report of the Regional Transport Inspectorate 2010, each of the five transport inspectors on the transition "Zaolsha" collected a day almost 5 million rubles, which went to the state budget. Revenues from the transition over the last year amounted to more than three and a half billion rublev.Tsyaper revenues will not be here.

Within a month, will disappear from the border and transport inspection booths. Border officials of the transport control is transferred to another job — in Orsha and Polotsk regional offices, as well as for load control, which operates without any changes.


The decision to cancel the transport controls on the Belarusian-Russian border adopted at a meeting of the Commission of the Customs Union, which was held in Minsk on March 14. It is expected that on July 1 this year traffic control will be canceled and the border between Russia and Kazakhstan.


Russia, the limit of the Customs Union

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