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Joseph Yanushkevich: "hushing March 25, POWER undermines its roots"

Joseph Yanushkevich

The Belarusian official calendar "Native Land 2011" there is no such date as Freedom Day on March 25. Someone that "everyday life" was born, someone says the dubious "105th anniversary" and the birth of the BNR — words. What are the dates of holidays and invites us to celebrate the Ministry of Information, on whose order issued this calendar? At our request, he carefully read the writer and archivist Joseph Yanushkevich.

Michas Scoble"Joseph, I remember there is not a single case where Freedom Day, the Day was marked on March 25 at the state level. It was the 75th anniversary of the Belarusian People's Republic in the Belarusian State Philharmonic, with the participation of the head of state — Stanislav Shushkevich. What loses Republic of Belarus, virtually ignoring the day? "

Joseph Yanushkevich"I clearly remember the day in March with a solemn atmosphere. Clearly he is referred to, not because I was fortunate to be present at the solemn session, I was sitting in a crowded room in the same row with the then chairman of the Belarusian People's Republic, my full namesake, Joseph Sazhich. It then, that so be established for ever: the day of the proclamation of the independence of Belarus will be celebrated in the state. Looking back into the recent past, aware of: ignoring this day, keeping silent about it, the government thereby undermining their own roots, as this date is not properly digested, is not reflected in the minds of people as a holiday date. Most people believe that our independence began in 1991, and in the minds of the electorate vdevbvaetstsa more "younger" date — the date of the August 1994 elections, ignoring … March 25, the power thus ignores the memory of their State predecessors.

Ignoring March 25, the power thus ignores the memory of its predecessor government.

Natsiotvorcheskogo elite that adequately assesses its history, certainly would emphasize smelasts, spelasts those leaders who for the first time in centuries of slavery under Russian occupation decided to declare the independence of the country, demanding the return of all appropriate legal attributes (national symbols, borders, its own army, national school, state language, a set of laws, the national currency). We should always remember them — they are an example of selfless service to his native land.

Scoble"Today is a lot of different calendars. But the official, called "Native Land", published by the State Publishing House "Belarus", — perhaps the only one that is a desktop and director of the House of Culture, and editor of the regional or local newspaper, and a librarian … "Native Land, 2011", the impression he made on you?

Yanushkevich"Do not dare call it a desktop. The pages of his often coming off, so traditionally it was still called "tear-off". Earlier, the "Native Land" was very fond of the older generation (say, my dad). It was a family calendar, with which easily identifies that there is now in heaven, the Moon, or went to the moon? There were marked and folk festivals. Now "Native Land" Do externally, format, reminiscent of an old wall calendar. On the other hand, may have better and it can then be put on a bookshelf, a book. The only question is — what is the content of that book. "

Scoble"Is there any logic in the selection of dates and events in the" native land "? What is forgotten, and that, on the contrary, as advertised? "

Yanushkevich"One is struck by a certain bias and irrational logic. The bias Sostavitelnitsa Helena Shagun is seen in the selection of lesser-known names, weighty with third-degree neighbors. A lot of people appear (just as panapihana) under such a strange "105th anniversary" (which is nowhere in the world is not celebrated) Atroshchanka-in drama, M.Kravtsova (Russian (!) Folklorist), actress M. Belinsky, conductor Klaus M. . Marked "110 anniversary of the Belarusian writer, playwright" V. Glazyrina (anyone heard of it?) 115th anniversary bibliologist A.Sidarava, the 135th anniversary of the hero of the Soviet Union E. Klumov, 145th anniversary of the Russian singer Vladimir Tsvetkov .. . forget as a "native land" -2011 especially lively, familiar and dear. For example, missed anniversaries poets Neil Gilevich (30.09) and Anatoly Vertinskiy (18:11) — they both this year to 80 years. The calendar-2011 mainly "dead ones." Praminulasya not marked the 150th anniversary of our first academic, even for the tsarist times, Yefim Kara. Leafing through the sheets of the calendar, you can see the progress on the one hand, if we were not "soviet" nation, independent of what 4:04. recalls the composer's 115th anniversary of the emigrant Nicholas Shcheglova-Kulikovich, or the same anniversary of the philosopher Ignatius Kanchevsky (18.05). On the other hand — essentially do not finish, providing 75 years of Ivonka Survilla (11:04.) Just as "Belarusian linguist, artist" and not calling her as chairman of the BNR.

On the other hand — essentially do not finish, providing 75 years of Ivonka Survilla (11:04.) Just as "Belarusian linguist, artist" and not calling her as chairman of the BNR.

Similarly — on the 120th anniversary of Joseph Voronko as ordinary "Belarusian politician," whom young people should know how the first Prime Minister of BPR … As advertised? These half-forgotten "red" holidays, as "Day of the October Revolution" (7:11) padsusedivsya (2:04) "The Day of Unity of the Peoples of Belarus and Russia", which few people know and understand its purpose. What else is evident — "Native Land" became a calendar for the "gardeners". If Belarusians — the nation gardeners. Although the cottage or even have your own cabin — it does not mean that we have to worry about the "viable seedlings" (painted on five sheets of paper!) Think of Salat, beets grow older or "choose a pumpkin …" But no one beet-Salat man alive! .. Or not, the State publishing house "Belarus" in the state to approach the media calendar? To have produced not a single calendar, and more, with the expectation of those "Ogo" on "artistic" and "historical" directions to "feminine" and "youth"? I am sure that such publications will find its readers. "

Scoble"Since the days of" Nasha Niva "calendar is usually placed and literary works. Does not violate the tradition and the "native land." What can you say about poetry, published in the current calendar? "

Yanushkevich"To call them" poetic "language does not turn. Precisely — it ryfmavanki riveted by Nicholas Chernyavskiy and Vladimir Matsveenkam. Example, here is what is recommended" to read to children ":" We were at the ram / His wife and brother, / And all three of them had / On two lambs. / So tell us / Small mathematician / How many were there / Little lambs? . " Reply padkazvaetstsa — "four" and in fact — not six? After all, here are the three characters: the sheep, "his wife" and "brother" ram. There are no obvious errors in the same calendar faktalyagichnyh bit: for example, Marian Zdyahovski was not born in Rakov and in Novoselki belonging
thereby Zdyahovskim (this error is walking on domestic encyclopedias with the light hand of my countryman Vyacheslav Ragoyshi, who also was born in the Rakov, and adjacent Pyarezharah). To be attentive, zavvazhytstsa that at 2:07 is 225 anniversary of Ivan Laboyki rather than "220 years since the birth of" time historian was born in 1786. Obviously, calendar, compiled by Helen Shagun, would not prevent a second editor not "A. C. Shagun "as indicated in the output."

Scoble"Among the new products have appeared calendar and calendars, which — naked writers and writer, mostly young. Their publishers and participants explain that since they are promoting Belarusian literature. What is your attitude to this propaganda? "

Yanushkevich"We must be the creator of a nude soul, not the body. See the writer without plavak — is not only not funny, it's a mockery of the spirituality of the Belarusian literature.

See the writer without plavak — is not only not funny, it's a mockery of the spirituality of the Belarusian literature.

Though little in the life of our brother stripped-writer on the stage but the dungeons, or online Volodarka at shakedown … I would not advise publishers so spend funds received for publication. Admiration of his body smacks of narcissism. Creator as no one should know that the body — one shell. It splits, like all mortal, or, if the Bible is taken from the earth and the earth will become. And what will be left for future generations? And the image of the creator of each known to attract attention? But on March 31 had 80 years of Academic Literature Institute, which is simply not there (once it is driven not writer). So even though you are naked there razden all remaining candidates and doctors of literature — from those who would be happy about this? "The wind dies — and no. And the place thereof shall know it" (Psalms of David, 103-16). "

Scoble"The first square in 2011 already lived. What dates, anniversaries we should not forget for the remaining 9 months of 2011? "

Yanushkevich"In addition to the" forgotten "in the calendar of anniversaries Nile Gilevich and Anatoly Vertinsky, will remember the 90th anniversary of Nicholas Yermolovich (29.04) and Stepan (15:12), the 100-year anniversary of Vasil coils (16.05), Paul Prudnikova (14:07 ), Anatoly Astreiko (24.07), Julia Taubin (15:09), the 120th anniversary of Maxim Bogdanovich (9:12), the 130th anniversary of Ivan Lutskevich (9:06), the 150th anniversary of Magdalena Radziwill (26.07) and I.Buynitskogo (22:08), 175th anniversary slavicist-sponsors John Karlovic (28.05), graphic artist Michael Andriolli (2:11), the 200th anniversary of the poet Tadeusz Lada-Zablotskii (27.08) … We have a year to remember about anyone, not forgetting the precursors to and through the ages have learned our descendants and neighbors. "

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Anna Zapartyko: "250 works of Adam popular men in DVUHTOMAVIKU published for the first time"

Anna Zapartyko

Vilna and Bialystok Institute belorusistiki Belarusian Historical Society, combining their efforts, published a collection of works of Adam popular men in 2 volumes. In fact, this is the first systematic publication of the creative heritage of outstanding writer, organizer and ideologist litabyadnannya "hill", who died in Stalin's exile in 1938. About this Mighty dvuhtomavik we talk to the director of the State Archives-Museum of Literature and Art Anna Zapartyko — one of the drafters of the publication.

Michas Scoble"Mrs. Anna, of course, dvuhtomavik impressive — 1650 pages! So I read the first volume, and every now and then I read the comments — printed for the first time. And how do the texts of Adam Folk men having found you and your colleagues? "

Anna Zapartyko"In these two volumes, published for the first time 250 texts. It's philosophical, literary work, correspondence, drafts of letters, documents relating to the lives of the men in exile, his reasoning on many issues stories. Contained in this publication and the texts found in the periodicals of the 20s. In addition, the period is not addressed by many researchers, and the more readers. These two volumes — the opening of a unique personality, an interesting criticism, literary critic, philosopher, historian, organizer of literary life in Belarus. All this — the people's man, Adam. "

Scoble"The publication dvuhtomavika could not happen without the proper care of a writer's archive. Who perahovvav all these years, and how it got to you? "

Zapartyko"Adam Folk Archive men — in itself a unique cultural phenomenon in Belarus. He remained in that due to the large volume of selfless work and great strength of will of his wife, Anna Ivanovna popular male and his daughters — Eleanor and Alessi. Take care of the archive in Moscow the two-bedroom apartment was quite a feat. In 1930, when the People's men arrested for the first time, they took everything. And Anna Ivanovna was not afraid to fight for her husband's manuscripts, and much she was able to return to the NKVD.

Anna Ivanovna was not afraid to fight for her husband's manuscripts, and much she was able to return to the NKVD.

She was a very determined woman, and constantly cared for her husband's legacy. Apparently, he was more indifferent to their manuscripts. In 1937, already in exile in Kirov, popular male was arrested a second time. Ales Adamovna later recalled: "They came in the evening. I was walking on the street. Suddenly the mother called me and put to bed. During the search, all shaken up, but did not touch the bed, did not dare to raise a child. Years later, his mother said she was in bed secret box, which contained the manuscript father. " The first time I decided to take a telephone conversation with Alesya Adamovna in 1994, we met in Moscow. After Ales Adamovna came to Minsk, she was met at the train station as the daughter of a famous writer, even the movie was filmed. I was invited to come back to Moscow and soon left. Here then was brought to the most extensive archive of Adam suitcase with men folk. And then there were the trips in 2000, 2001, respectively, each time I came back empty-handed. Vitaly Skalaban add to this. While in Moscow and Ales Adamovna Found out, he also brought of the manuscripts. Many people have been attached to this process. "

Scoble"In my opinion, Adam People were male aesthetic differences with the Soviet authorities. If the Belarusian poetry swept the first wave of the infinite "Leniniana," he wrote — back in the 20s: "The image of Lenin as a god ridiculous and false." Not surprisingly, he was arrested by one of the first. "

Zapartyko"People write so masculine, he felt as he could write, feel and think smart people. But he did not foresee that there will be arrested in 1930. The fact that the People's men did not have the idol of God in the person of Lenin and Stalin — we clearly read in the papers the time of expulsion. It has not changed me, has not betrayed his aesthetic ideal. Art in its highest manifestations was for him in the first place. "

Scoble"And I was struck by how popular men boldly, in a chivalrous protected his friends from" the hill "- Joseph Pushcha Vladimir Dubovka. Does not he realize what he is Respond? "

"Of course, understand, but as a man of high moral ideals he could not do otherwise. He was also a critic, he defended the outstanding poets. "

Scoble"But his friends did not defend. On the contrary … In dvuhtomaviku published many documents that are simply shocking. How, for example, resolution of members "Hill" in 1930: "We demand the brutal execution of an agent of the international bourgeoisie — Belarusian national counter-revolutionary democrats." And the signatures — Maxim Luzhanin, Kondrat Nettles, Zmitrok Byadulya, Petro Glebko … . "How can we today refer to such documents?"

Zapartyko"Not everything should be up to the end of the trust. Perhaps, this paper wrote one person, and the idea of the Central Committee of padkazvalasya or other public institutions. The other names on the letter could be automatically ".

Scoble"Adam was exonerated men folk in the 50 th gady.Chamu Why so late coming to the reader his musical legacy?"

Zapartyko"Unfortunately, a very long time to count the manuscript, as the people's man, Adam wrote, without thinking about the imminent printed. And then there was supposed to be a researcher and editor Zhibul as Victor, who was able to accurately decode all the unfinished words written thorough introduction. We needed a specialist to uncover babarekavskuyu legacy to deal with the archive. Each creator — your time, and every time — their publications. Apparently, the time has come — and we have this wonderful, Mighty dvuhtomavik. And we'll just have to read, read and comprehend the extraordinary figure of Adam admire men folk. "


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