Blaupunkt sue again. While losing

On Monday, March 28 at the High Commercial Court started re-examine complaints "Autoradio" in the new composition of the court.

March 9 the court recognized the warning issued by the Ministry of Information "Autoradio", void, and the decision of the Republican Commission on Television and Radio to disable the transmitter — illegal. But a week later appeal board of the Supreme Economic Court overturned the decision, and the case for a new trial in a different part of the court.

The case is a new judge Dmitry Alexandrov passes quickly enough. On the first day of the first lawsuit — appealed warning issued "Autoradio" the Information Ministry, the decision was made in favor of the Ministry of Information. That is, the judge Alexandrov found extremist appeal sentence of the election program of the presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov: "The fate of the country is decided not in the kitchen, and in the square."

Warning remains in effect. General Director of "Autoradio" Yuri Bazan says:

The law on extremism at all to do with it. And the Ministry of Information may make any warning …

"There's really nothing to add. Already there on all sides all been considered. Everything revolves around the phrase. Opinion linguists do not fall under the court's attention. Overall, it turned out that the law on combating extremism at all to do with it. Ministry of Information and may make any warning. "

As for second claim — to the National Commission on Television and Radio Broadcasting at the transmitter off — that the right to broadcast "Autoradio" stripped for not warning the Ministry of Information, explains CEO "Autoradio" Yuri Bazan:

"… But this myth called" The situation on the competition, "in which we have never been involved and how all just a prick. And according to this provision may be deprived of the right to broadcast after one warning and a violation of the creative concept. I would even said so: It is impossible to perform, and not in the sense — broken. It simply can not be done! "

The creative concept — it's a document that spelled out the percentage share of the thematic programs, news, advertising, music throughout the day. The director of one of the FM-stations also confirms that this document — a trap for naughty:

"It turns out this way: if today is reserved for advertising for a number of minutes, and we did not let someone advertising a day it came out in two or three minutes less, it turns out that the creative concept we have not done."

Reporter: "And it really can be done within a second?"

This document is specifically designed to limit the scope, to corner …

"No. You can not, will not work. This document is specifically designed to limit the scope, to corner. Step right, step left to have been the reason for the shooting."

In concept, for example, incorporated 86.3% of the total volume of music broadcasts, and during the Christmas holidays to "Autoradio" music sounded a 0.8% increase (87.5%). Advertising concepts stated 2% and 2.3% sounded. But for those few tenths of a percent and has paid Avtoradio.

A decision on the second claim "Autoradio" about violations of the creative concept, will be made by the Supreme Economic Court on Tuesday.

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