Blaupunkt will remain off the air

Supreme Economic Court of Belarus on March 29 upheld the decision of the National Commission on Television and Radio to stop broadcasting "Autoradio".

Thus, Judge Dmitry Alexandrov not satisfied the claim of the radio to the Commission by repealing the previous judgment SEC.

Chief Editor of "Autoradio" Yuri Bazan said that it will appeal against the decision on appeal.

March 28 SEC did not satisfy another lawsuit JSC "Autoradio" the Information Ministry, demanding the repeal of FM-station issued a warning.

As previously reported by BelaPAN appeal board of the Supreme Economic Court reversed the decision of March 17 SEC Claims "Autoradio" the Information Ministry and the National Commission on Television and Radio to stop broadcasting station and sent the case back for retrial.

March 9 SEC declared invalid warning the Ministry of Information, issued JSC "Autoradio", and the decision of the Republican Committee of Television and Radio to stop broadcasting station.

The warning was issued on January 10 and the Ministry of Information has become one of the grounds for termination of broadcasting radio stations on January 12 decision of the committee. According to the official statement, the reason for the prevention and cessation of broadcasting "Autoradio" was the extension of the radio station information, "which includes public calls to extremist activity." That's how officials interpreted the phrase presidential candidate election 2010 Andrei Sannikov in commercials that "the fate of the country is decided not in the kitchen, and in the square."

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