«Boeing» CONTINUE TEST mobile laser weapon system

The Boeing Company has received a 3-year contract from the U.S. Army to continue development of the mobile laser guns, 4 October report agency UPI. Technology Demonstrator this system resettled solid-laser installation of 10 kW and is located on the highest terrain vehicle.
At the current time, the transport platform is at the company’s facility in Albuquerque (pcs New Mexico), where he established a laser apparatus, reports al.com (Alabama). Price contract is 16.18 million U.S. dollars.
The company plans to conduct field tests of HEL MD next year to justify the ability of the complex to detect, track down and destroy targets. «The system, developed by programmke HEL MD, aims at the creation of the best solid-state laser technology for the army. Instrument of the speed of light is able to protect troops from missiles, artillery and mortar shells, unmanned aerial vehicles, both existing and promising. Test massive laser is a major step forward for the development of directed energy systems innovatorskih, «said vice president and director of programs from the system of directed energy Mike Rinn (Mike Rinn).

Despite the fact that the layout has a laser power of 10 kW, the contract provides for the development of the system with the highest energies much more, reports the company Boeing.

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