BPF party begins the defense of his office

March 28 at the Justices discussed the BPF BPF protection plan in the street Masherova (previously — Varvashenya), 8, which require the authorities in Minsk to move out by April 1.

March 28 representatives of the Belarusian Popular Front Party filed a complaint with the Minsk City Economic Court of the decision of the Soviet district of Minsk ZHREO terminate tenancy agreement the party from 1st April 2011. On the other party Sojm Yuri Chausova, requirement to move out of the estate exclusively political.

Yuri Chausov

"It happened just at the time when the building Justices BPF conducted an unprecedented scale action of solidarity with political prisoners, when things are going, money transfer and legal aid for prisoners Akrestin. Just this time it was decided not to renew the lease for the BPF. But despite the fact that a political decision, we must use all legal avenues to defend this premise. That is to be applied, and the political and legal mechanisms that, possible a long time, store it here, "Liberty Island".

19 March BPF Sejm adopted a resolution which states that for decades, the central office of the Belarusian Popular Front was in a room on the street Masherova (previously — Varvashenya), 8. "All these years BNF was performed lease terms. Now no arrears on rent does not exist. And now, through the loss of the BPF its registered office authorities are trying to obstruct legal existence of the avant-garde of the national-democratic forces. "

Diet has demanded the immediate cancel a politically motivated decision and declared the readiness of members of the Popular Front to hold a perpetual campaign of nonviolent resistance. This issue is discussed at today's meeting and the Administrative Board.

Chairman of the BPF Yanukevich said on March 28, in fact, starts campaign homestead protection:


"Of course, we will take steps to protect the estate. We have no plans to move to a brand already in a siege, defensive mode. Since April 1, we will continue to work here and the office of the party as a working office, as the center of social life will continue to Minsk exist until such time as we will be. "

BNF was called cultural figures of Belarusian musicians almost daily basis in the office of cultural events of solidarity with the office of the BPF.

"We will also resides here, we will introduce the night shift to the power not to be tempted, that is an illegal decision, we will respond to what we just go out and leave the office. We are convinced that the truth is on our side and we will this truth adstoyvats.Bezumovna, we are not going to allow any physical violence. However, their constant presence here at the Town Council, we will also take action against the fact that we could be evicted from here. "

According Yanukevich, even if the power is shut off lights or other communications, the party members will not leave his office.

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