Bratislava requires Lukashenko to release political prisoners

Slovakia's parliament issued a tough statement on the situation in Belarus.

In particular, the National Council of the Slovak Republic requiresAlexander Lukashenko "The immediate release of political prisoners and the abolition of penalties to all Belarusian citizens who have been convicted in connection with the demonstration of 19 December 2010."

This is with reference to the Slovak Embassy in Minsk, BelaPAN news agency reported.

Parliament this country recommended that the President of Slovakia Ivan Gasparovic and governments in bilateral and multilateral meetings to seek the release of political prisoners in Belarus.

The National Council of the Slovak Republic considers "violent crackdown on a demonstration in Minsk on December 19 2010 flagrant abuse of the political and police power of the Belarusian political regime for their innocent and defenseless citizens, "- said in a statement.


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