Business in Belarus: 4-6 of dollars of revenue from oil

Last year Belarus received income from Venezuelan oil at a rate of 4-6 per ton, said on April 4th session of the House of Representatives Deputy Chairman of concern "Belneftekhim" Vladimir Volkov.

"At Last year, from Venezuelan oil, we have received positive effect on the level of 4-6 dollars per ton, "- said the Wolves.

On He said, through the port of Odessa to Belarus enters Azerbaijani oil, which is the swap scheme replaces Venezuela. Moreover, to "Naftan" by the Estonian port of Muuga come and "purely Venezuelan oil."

Wolf noted that its time studied the issue of supplies to Belarus oil from Iran, a number of countries in Africa and the Persian Gulf.

Responding to a question about the prospects of the deputy Iranian oil supplies, Volkov said that "the whole question — commercial viability." "But today there is no agreement with Iran that would allow to have a comparable effect comparable to that of Venezuelan," — he said.

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