By all the laws of the genre Prokopovych must go

What personnel changes can be expected due to the difficult financial and currency crisis? What can be the people's reaction to the economic difficulties of recent weeks? Which may require Russia for saving the credit? On these topics in the "Prague accent" talk editor of the online edition of the "We" Cyril Pozniak, and political scientists Alexei Pikulik and Kirill Koktysh.

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We bring you the fragments of the conversation

Pikulik: On the National Bank of last year left a good team — and Kallaur Matsyushevski, there no longer anyone who argued can say "No" … The government will be forced to "derail" the ruble … This is only seen from Minsk that the Russian elite is dreaming of how to capture the Belarusian industry … Lukashenko wants to be, if not loved, the respected

Pozniak: Economic policy is determined by the presidential administration, has publicly voiced her in "Savbeltsy" assistant to the president Tkachev … The resignation will Prokopovych if you really have to devalue … At any time, and it is expected to Lukashenko could once again head to the West … In a crisis, people do not think about the overthrow Lukashenko, and how to survive

Koktyish: Moscow is not interested in the bankruptcy sister republic, but Russia will wait until Lukashenko did not get what he is considered by Russia is to get … Belarusian issue today at a periphery of the Russian political agenda, it is unlikely that Russia will seek breakthroughs in the Belarusian direction …. Devaluation is meaningless, it does not improve the position of exporters, whose products are sold in Russia for political, rather than economic schemes

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