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Up to now in the memory 15 November 1988 when the Handsome leaving the land went to his first andYou are the last flight

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Spacecraft "Buran" is a good example of an action space technology in different environments, the construction of such devices is necessary to return

said on Wednesday, September 25, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, the exhibition Russian Arms Expo-2013 in Nizhny Tagil.

"Future aircraft technology will be able to rise to the stratosphere, space technology already works for us, and in the two environments. For example," Buran ", which is much ahead of his time, but, in fact, all of these spaceships — this XXI century, and, whether we like it or not, but this will have to come back "- said Rogozin, RIA Novosti reported. 

"Buran" — the first orbiter shuttle, which was created in the USSR. It was designed to address a number of defense challenges into orbit around the Earth any space objects and their service delivery units and personnel for the assembly of large structures in orbit and planetary systems, the return to Earth of faulty or worn-out satellites, development of equipment and space technology production and delivery of products to the earth, of the other passenger and cargo transportation on the Earth — space — Earth. Orbiter (OK) "Buran" was made on the airplane pattern: it is "tailless" with a low-double-swept delta wing leading edge, aerodynamic controls include elevons balancing plate, located in the rear fuselage and rudder, which " rassheplyayas "on the trailing edge (Fig. right), also acts as an air brake and landing" in an aircraft "provides a tricycle (with the nose wheel) vypuskayusheesya chassis. Geometric and mass characteristics of the "Buran":

  • length — 35.4 m,
  • height of 16.5 m (with landing gear)
  • wingspan of about 24 m,
  • wing area of 250 square meters,
  • fuselage width 5.6 m,
  • height of 6.2 m;
  • diameter of 4.6 m cargo bay, with a length of 18 m;
  • OK starting weight of up to 105 m,
  • weight of the load being delivered into orbit, up to 30 m, the return from orbit — up to 15 tons;
  • maximum fuel capacity up to 14 tons

Launch of "Buran" was carried out using a universal two-stage launch vehicle "Energy".

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