By developing emergency warning systems to attract the expert community

The development of effective measures to prevent natural and man-made disasters was dedicated teleconference meeting held at the Government House under the leadership of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. The central theme of the discussion was the creation of systems alerting the public about emergencies.

Experts estimate that in Russia today there are 50,000 potentially dangerous objects and 5000 — a particularly dangerous. Crashes are increasingly impetuous nature, and therefore acutely necessary to create the warning systems, as well as the prediction and prevention of disasters as technological, natural and man-made nature. By building such systems should be involved not only all the concerned departments and services, but also the expert community with his ideas and technologies.

 "Today has developed technical solutions to quickly identify potential threats and prevent it before an emergency situation — says the general director of the RIC-Systems Alexei Kozhemyako. — Implementation of monitoring systems engineering buildings and structures, the creation of sectoral and regional situation centers will monitor the status of critical infrastructure in real time and manage the development of emergency so that the damage from them was reduced to a minimum. "  

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