By the beginning of 2012 Vorkutaugol plans to implement a project to generate energy from methane

By the beginning of 2012, the company "Vorkutaugol" (part of JSC "Severstal") plans to launch a gasifier thermal power plant that runs on coal mine methane. The project is worth about 800 million rubles is one of the most important in the investment program of the Republic of Komi and unique on a national scale.

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Platform for the project to generate energy from methane is mine "Severnaya" Company "Vorkutaugol." Construction of the station started in 2010 and today it is nearing completion. Containers with gas-piston system was being installed, preparing pre-commissioning, installation is the dividing of power transformers, construction of gas cooling unit.

For the coal industry in the country an innovative project. It is unique in that the generating station will operate on methane operating mine at a relatively low and subject to significant fluctuations of the gas concentration — from 25 to 70 percent.

The project will allow the company "Vorkutaugol" significantly reduce the cost of electricity and heat, as well as to reduce dependence on potential growth rates. It is assumed that the work station with capacity of about 18 MW, capable of producing an hour about 15 Gcal of heat, 100 percent cover the needs of the mine "North" in the electricity and 60? 80 percent — in the heat.

— For us it is one of the key projects in the field of energy efficiency. It will significantly enhance the competitiveness of our companies, — said General Director of "Vorkutaugol" Sergei Efanov. — In addition, the launch of the station will help improve safety and reduce the emission of methane into the atmosphere, which has a positive impact on the environment.

Natural gas will be recycled instead of being released into the atmosphere. Running the station will allow the company to reduce methane emissions by about 0.5 million tons per year of carbon dioxide equivalent.

During the project, the specialists of "Vorkutaugol" focused particular attention on issues of security. Gasification complex will be equipped with a fire alarm system and automatic gas control equipment. This should ensure a high degree of reliability and security.

"Vorkutaugol" already has a successful experience with the use of natural gas released during coal mining in the mines. It is used primarily as fuel for the boiler. The heat generated by burning methane heat is used for heating administration buildings mines and to provide a number of industrial processes. Construction of the plant will significantly expand the area of beneficial use of gas, and most importantly — will further generate electricity by burning it. Part of the methane emitted from coal mining, with special degasification wells comes from the operating mine in the vacuum pumps. After the cleaning and preparation of methane is fed to the gas-fired generators, where it is burning and the release of energy.

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