By tomorrow the history of Eurasia

China's largest railway junction — the city of Zhengzhou / Henan Province, Central China / July 18 officially opened a direct line of cross-border container freight to Europe.

The new line connects Zhengzhou to the German city of Hamburg, passing through the territory of China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland and Germany. Its total length is 10,214 kilometers. The travel time along the whole line is 16-18 days, 15 days faster than send goods from Zhengzhou to Europe by sea.
On the road freight twice passed customs control, the train passes twice on a new track.

In recent years, China has many manufacturing businesses began to move from the eastern to the central and western regions of the country, where production costs are comparatively lower. In order to fill the lack of geographical conditions / far from seaports / some of the major cities in the central and western regions have started to open direct rail freight routes in Europe. For example, in Western China is already operating cross-border railway "Chongqing-Europe", which originates in Chongqing and ends in the city of Duisburg in Germany, passing through the territory of Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Poland.

Zhengzhou City Administration plans this year to launch six new flights in line "Zhengzhou-Europe" with goods worth about 100 million U.S. dollars, and the next year — 50 flights with goods worth U.S. $ 1 billion.

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