Cabinet approved the construction of a plant in Ukraine to produce nuclear fuel

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved a feasibility study (FS) of construction in Ukraine plant for the fabrication of nuclear fuel. The appropriate solution is fixed by government decree № 437-r dated June 27.

According to the document, the construction of the project will be divided into two phases: 2012-2015, and 2016-2020 years. The plant will annually produce 800 fuel assemblies. The total estimated cost of construction is 2,000,000,000 362,373,000 USD (first stage — 1,000,000,000 531,823,000 USD, the second — 830,550,000 USD).

In addition, with the construction of the plant involve costs to purchase the technology of nuclear fuel in the amount of 1,000,000,000 111,916,000 USD (first stage — UAH 920.206 million, the second — 191.71 million USD), as well as on the development of urban infrastructure in the amount of 225,746,000 USD ( first stage — 144 182 000 UAH, the second — 81,564,000 USD).

Under the structure of the object is allocated 6.8 hectares near the village Smolino (Kirovohrad region).. According to the approved feasibility study, the number of employees the plant will be 377 people, its service life — 50 years.

As reported with reference to the vice-president of the Russian company "TVEL" Vasily Konstantinov, funding the construction of a plant in Ukraine for the fabrication of nuclear fuel at 70% will be achieved at the expense of borrowed funds, 30% of the funding will provide Ukrainian and Russian shareholders.

The government of Ukraine in September 2010 approved the results of the contest, which resulted in the Russian "fuel elements" was the winner of the tender for the selection of technologies for construction plant for the fabrication of nuclear fuel.

Agreement on the construction of the plant was signed in October 2010. In 2011, completed the procedure for registration of the Russian-Ukrainian joint venture for the construction of a nuclear fuel plant — a private joint-stock company "Plant for the production of nuclear fuel" (PJSC "ZPYAT"). The controlling stake (50% +1 share) in it belongs to the "nuclear fuel", and 50% — 1 share — fuel rods.

"TVEL" Ukrainian organization will provide access to the partial financing of the project (up to 60% of its value), will supply the plant until all the missing localization of parts and components of nuclear fuel, as well as provide services for the enrichment of uranium from Russia.

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