Cadet class in Krivoy Rog. Results for 2012


Not so long ago, in September 2012, hundreds of Cossacks Krivorozhskaya Faithful Cossacks was declared a set of little Cossacks in the cadet class, organized by the Church of St.. Sergius of Radonezh. The first responded to the family from the village of Novopole Krivoy Rog area, and a little later we began to come, and the children of parishioners, with great interest the Cossacks and future cadets. Thus was formed the first cadet platoon. Began learning process. Classes are held every Saturday. Cossacks teach cadets basic military disciplines charters and military etiquette, physical training, unarmed combat, fire training, tactics, medical training, the history of the Fatherland and the Cossacks.

With great interest not only to comprehend the guys military discipline, but also the foundations of Orthodoxy: attend worship, confession and communion. But for many of them it is perhaps the first exposure to the temple of God.
In the night of 6 January 7th, at Christmas, the cadets along with the Cossacks have taken up its first combat duty in the Church of St.. Sergius of Radonezh. Young little Cossacks pleased all their discipline and endurance. And when the service rector Father Sergius was presented by the children black berets — a symbol of the Cossack Cadet fraternity. The answer was unanimous: "We serve the Fatherland and the Orthodox faith!"

We are always pleased to see how the spirit of the Cossack military brotherhood and faith in God penetrate into the young hearts. I sincerely hope that in the future an example of these guys will awaken in the hearts of adults and love for God and one's neighbor to the Fatherland, honor and nobility. And we're going to continue to continue to work, guided by a proven principle: "Do what you must, come what may".
Ataman hundreds of Krivoy Rog
Kazak Ossetian V.

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