CANSOFCOM — Canadian Special Forces

CANSOFCOM - Canadian Special Forces
Canada is one of the most influential members of NATO. Since 1989, the Canadian Armed Forces participated in virtually all operations of the North Atlantic bloc. The most noticeable was the mission in Afghanistan (2001-2011). Canadian soldiers were also involved in the NATO group in the Balkans. Twelve years, since 1992, more than forty thousand Canadian soldiers were on the ground in Bosnia. The Canadian government has sent nearly 100 million dollars to finance the NATO operation in Iraq. And the air force of Canada took part in operations against the Libyan regime. Canada is gaining more and more weight in international politics, including European.

Many analysts are unanimous in the view that Canada uniformly turned into NATO outpost in an increasingly growing struggle for Arctic subsoil.

With nearly 33 million people, the number of the army of 62 thousand soldiers. In the mobilization reserve is a little more than 6 million people. The military budget is $ 18 million (Canada comes in the first 10 of the states in the level of the military budget). Now Canada is a country that systematically and intensively increases its own military capabilities. Specific role for strengthening the navy and special forces mission.

Canadian special forces role in NATO’s structure is quite large, and most likely, over time, will only increase. Implementation of the Canadian military department with the latest military doctrine of the country leads to a numerical increase in the armed forces and equip the army with high quality and modern weaponry. Before the Canadian armed forces worth task to protect the broad areas of the country, including areas of the Last of the North. To this end, great attention is paid not only to build maritime patrol forces, and keeping in constant readiness forces frisky response, in which the puzzle together with the decisions of combat missions in at least some point of the planet, comes to maintaining order within the country.

Canadian special operations forces (CANSOFCOM) were made in 2006, first to fight even what terrorism and carry out combat operations outside the country. CANSOFCOM contains several units, each followed by doing puzzles fronts: the fight against terrorism (Joint Task Force 2), conducting special operations (Canadian Special Operations Regiment), response to danger (Canadian Joint Incident Response Unit), helicopter support special operations ( Speical Operations Aviation Squadron).

The middle units of the Canadian Forces spetsy CANSOFCOM received the title «quiet professionals» as a recognition of the highest level of preparedness of the military Special Forces Canada. The most elite units of the group is CANSOFCOM Joint Task Force 2 (JTF2), which has to fight with what ever manifestations of terrorism. In the state of a group of 600 people. $ 120 million a year is spent on financing the team. On account of the hunt for fighters CANSOFCOM Serb snipers in Bosnia role in military operations in Afghanistan, providing security at the Winter Olympics in 2010. Currently, CANSOFCOM has excellent equilibrium structure that allows it to do a wide range of tasks to protect the interests of Canada in the world. Canadian Soldiers special units capable of rapidly adapt to all situations simultaneously respond to changing circumstances, constantly in a state of highest alert. The main task is to conduct CANSOFCOM fighters, on behalf of the High Command of the country, as a special operations inside the country and abroad. In addition, CANSOFCOM are huge opportunities and freedom of action in terms of the operational security of the country. This allows you to use special forces effective measures to protect the country from at least some of the terrorist threat.
As before commandos other states, the forces of Special Operations (CCO) of Canada also faced puzzles:
— preparation and implementation of counter-terrorism operations to prevent terrorist threats;
— conducting combat operations on ships and fixed installations maritime infrastructure;
— incarnation of special intelligence on the ground in Canada and abroad, operations defensive and offensive character, diplomatic support operations also conduct the evacuation of people with Canadian countryside other countries in case of extreme events;
— implementation of measures to curb nuclear, biological, radiological and chemical threats.

To perform these functions requires special training of personnel. Selection in CANSOFCOM very serious. In the group of candidates take only professional soldiers after 2 years the ideal of service. CANSOFCOM also has its own structure of reservists, which includes professional soldiers who have served in the army for more than 3 years.

Additional training and selection of candidates tested in assault units CANSOFCOM. Fighters from the SA requires teamwork, coolly do combat tasks at least some stress and be highly skilled in the military specialty spices. Not counting a good physical training fighters CANSOFCOM must be expertly prepared, they are subject to the highest demands of the discipline, mental strength, integrity and maturity. At the initial steps of selection about 80% of the candidates are eliminated. Those who pass the tests begin to undergo training in the Special Forces operator programmke. Students learn in the course of mandatory order to combat terrorism. This item contains a research strategy, and the strategy release of the hostages, the research methods of penetration into any structure and modes of transport, keeping the fight in a confined space, the ability to deal with the assault means. For practical abilities equipped special pad, simulating different conditions.

The principal subject of this study is to obtain the skill and experience in carrying out reconnaissance and sabotage activities. Future saboteurs learn a huge amount of small weapons systems, mine blasting thing and get the ability besparashyutnogo parachute landing in complex criteria. Students master the mountain and ski training in adverse weather criteria. Future commandos fulfill ability to survive in the forests and mountains of Canada. They receive training warfare in mountainous criteria.

Note that the Canadian Forces have units underwater saboteurs, because students learn course CANSOFCOM combat swimmer. Canadian train future «sea lion» instructors from the U.S. and British units SBS.

Having a full course of training at the training base CANSOFCOM, military assault commandos are destinations, which under force do puzzles in a variety of tactical, weather and natural conditions. After the end of the course with them is a contract for 4 years.

Very serious selection and carried out in the other division CANSOFCOM — Special Operations Regiment. In the first step candidates are tested for physical endurance. Then a few days training center instructors inspect the ability of subjects to work in a team, determine the degree of endurance, detect the presence of leadership characteristics and interpersonal abilities. Students tested for the ability to make decisions under the influence of mental pressure and strenuous exercise. Those who passed the evaluation step, proceed to the development of a six-month basic course. They master the different system tools, study modern means of communication, get good medical training, patrolling and possession learn techniques of navigation, evacuation of different methods (air, land and sea method). Junior officers are additional course special forces command.

The group CANSOFCOM, created for the elimination of nuclear, chemical and biological threats, transferred military personnel with experience operator sampling to determine if radiological, chemical and biological threats, or in the post deactivator or operator performing supervisory functions in army units.

In the public domain there is no disk imaging of the structure and the amount of fighters storm troopers CANSOFCOM. It is understood that the group consists of 24-32 fighters under the command of an officer. To combat operations groups are divided into teams of 6-8 fighters (en banc group used occasionally). Every team has its own specialization and training: mountain, parachuting, diving, etc. Special Operations Regiment consists of 3 main mouth and support units. Taking into account the cases of terrorist attacks from the air, CANSOFCOM has in its composition aviation squadron. The main objective of this squadron is to help groups in combat missions. Aviation unit participates in unavoidable situations, also in search and rescue operations conducted CANSOFCOM. Not so long ago the composition CANSOFCOM added a new division to resolve incidents with the advent of radiation, nuclear, biological and chemical threats.

As demonstrated actions in recent years, local military conflicts, for example, in Yugoslavia. Libya, Syria, Iraq, the special-purpose steel core advanced combat units that are able to act autonomously, quickly and perfectly in all situations. Because, without exaggeration, one could argue that the MTR is a new method of warfare.

Recall that in March 2013 on the orders of Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Our homeland has also initiated the formation of special operations forces, behind this decision of the United States for 26 years. U.S. does not hide their plans significantly increment amount covert operations abroad by MTR. Russian military, examining the practice of implementing special operations forces leading military powers in the world, come to the decision of its own creation MTR.

April 29 this year in the mountains of Kabardino-Balkaria have passed the first special tactical exercises of special operations forces of the Russian Federation. Russian base near Moscow became MTR-2 settlement Kubinka. Center spacialist obeys already made MTR Command of the Defence Ministry. Served in a new special unit will be 500 soldiers. The Centre has already received sufficient funding. In the Russian part of the MTR, not counting groups SWAT Defense Ministry, will special forces, FSIN, FKSN, FSB, FSO. Special Operations forces have the right to conduct combat actions not only on the territory of Russia, and beyond. Overall management of all special forces units will be transferred to the MTR command if necessary.

Experience the creation of special operations forces of such countries as the U.S. and Canada need Russian command for forming, equipping, training their own MTR who actually own, are a unique, effective instrument with which Our homeland will be able to solve a huge number of issues and problems related to national security and upholding the interests of the Russian Federation at the international level.

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