Capital Works, issued the Buran, stolen in six months

Capital Works, issued the "Buran", stolen in six monthsFrom the Tushino Machine Building Plant (TMP) — the pride of the former Soviet Union — is almost nothing left. It was here at one time went assembly flow orbiter "Buran", hence the fighters went to the front. But instead of past glory at the moment multimillion-dollar debts and criminal cases. The director wrote out for themselves huge salaries, took phones and amused as he could. A workaholic did not pay a dime.

On the plant stroll variety rumors of workers thrown out, machines have taken away, sold everything and like anyone even had time to kill in the heat of the cut. But there is in fact, because of the fence is not visible. On the territory of a large enterprise quiet as in an abandoned summer camp. Once upon a time there were working fifteen thousand people, at the moment not even make up half with technicals, cooks and watchmen. Near the gate gleams mock missiles that time in Russian TMZ stamped tyschami. Built a flagship industry of the capital in just four months. In fact, to damage it, it took six months.

"Sonderkommando" top managers

Difficulties at the Tushino factory began in the nineties. Once on the rights of orphans, like the rest of the defense, the plant somehow squeaked troubled years. The story of the real collapse occurred in October 2010. At a meeting of shareholders, the metropolitan government and the Bank of Moscow put at the helm of a new CEO Sergei Ilyashenko. He is also set to work: sacked staff departments, health, Innovative developments and changed accountant. Compensation paid to workers in the bustle of "forgotten". In December, the director announced usual and began massive layoffs. Please try to agree, but became interested in Ilyashenko reformism and did not want to listen to anyone. Union tried to intervene, but there it was — the legal inspection tried a couple of times to get to the plant protection were told "do not let go." In February frazzled unknown workers staged a picket at the House of Culture "Salute", which at that time sat at the meeting by shareholders.

Sergei Ilyashenko, which seems so far couple 10-s of people are willing to go somewhere insert a wooden stake, eventually met with the workers. Questions about when he would not mock the people and will operate the plant, the director smiled and said, "Tomorrow."

— Stated that the ordinary can save. And all this at face jeering. And here is not to save, and work! — Recall the factory workers.

Nothing new director did not say, and the people have decided to hold a meeting again. The authorities realized — it smells like a revolution. Here at the factory inspection has organized labor inspection supervisor enacted "to eliminate the revealed violations of labor laws." But to dig their own handiwork Sergei Ilyashenko not have to — in March he was removed from his position as CEO. He did not object, and instantly undoing, having withdrawn from an entire "Sonderkommando".

Blackberry for the director

Surely, with the dismissal of management story could have ended. But when the new CEO Alexei Zhidakov come to accept the case, grabbed his head.

— People just vanished, took with him the system blocks of computers, the basis of accounting, contracts, printing, exhausted, documents of ownership. It is surprising that the documents on the ground under the plant is not taken away. At the moment, all materials submitted to the police department — says Zhidakov.

Paper so far reduced almost by hand. Discovered amazing things: immediately after the mission Ilyashenko all the money plant began to spin through "their" company concluded agency agreements and funds flowed into the unknown.

— Any necessary means, wages for example, the plant vorachivalis. Others have gone somewhere. Some of these companies — the usual one-day firms, they were found in all locations, but did not found a — says the director of TMZ.

At the same accounts, seems to have settled down and means for heat, electricity, water, taxes — almost half the plant in general anyone did not pay anything. But the management of the community cards for himself 50 new phones Blackberry, who vanished along with contracts and seals. Telefonchiki are not that expensive, and probably would have been enough for Vertu. But apparently poskromnichali.

At the moment, investigators will know where and what still managed to pull off. Serguei Ilyashenko opened a criminal case — he is suspected of embezzling funds and property of the mobile phones and other "stuff" on the 10th of millions of rubles. The amount is generally small, but it completely would be enough to pay off the workers — the company has 45 million workaholic.

And plant arrested. This is generally a separate and slightly crazy story. A couple of years back TMZ took a loan from the bank "Moscow Capital". And even as it paid off for him. So thought the factory. But it turned out that the plant is still in debt to the bank. And even the Tribunal confirmed this by estimating the debt itself a huge plant just something about 600 million rubles!

— At the moment, we have often to pay wages. Although this is difficult, we arrested and accounts, and real estate — says director.

Formally, it is made according to the law, and in fact — frank nonsense. The company, whose turnover in the previous years was 5 — 6 billion, can not be such a penny.

— At the moment we are going to try and re-evaluation of the situation to go — says the director of the plant.

In total debt accumulated on 5000000000. rubles, including the loans. Most TMZ should own a second after the city government to the owner — the Bank of Moscow. Under at least some little bit harsh factory orders had to borrow from their own as shareholders. In a prosperous German bank shareholder certainly would not rob our own factory. But the Bank of Moscow acted as a popular old-usurer — the average rate was 15%, and it is for an industrial company robbery.

— We can not operate with a profit of more than 10% in engineering this does not happen — says chief dispatcher Valentin Romanov. — If we shall declare more income, we have no one to take will be. Annual 15%, small orders, and 10% of their profits. And how can we give such a loan?

Powerplant name Luzhkov

At this point the plant are 9 shops. Go to some of them. In the tremendous hangar burns faded pair of light bulbs, working resins and discussions are the latest announcements. First idea: it was somehow very quiet.

— And write — no metal, there's nothing we can not finish the job. Even overalls solid buy no matter what! — Boiled machine operator Sergei, pulling the collar of mashed where to shine, and to the holes where the working jacket.

He, along with other work at the moment is preparing to launch production. And if translated into Russian — does not deal with anything. Two months back the workers returned to the machines, but the company so far does not produce anything, as there are no orders.

Eyes cling to a giant metal "snail", alone among the huddled shop.

— Detail of hydro! — Pointedly nod workaholic. They grind at times there is something right, but more to himself so as not to sit quite so idle.

— But before we had the defense! Made anti-aircraft missiles S-25, and they are currently in the defense of the capital cost — sorrow for the former greatness of the Russian Empire and the plant, which
served as her foreman Vadim Kunitsky.

While TMZ was working on the military, life was good. The same rocket flew for export, as if the morning pastries at the Bistro — in Syria, Vietnam, Cuba. Tushino "eskoy" was the first time a South American shot down over Yugoslavia stealth. And in the eighties gathered famous orbiter "Buran". And not a shuttle, and specifically "Buran" made in the Guinness Record Book — for the first in the history of space flight and descent to Earth without the participation of the person in the full automation. First flight was also the last. Came to nothing and the defense order plant.

Had to be reconstructed: not rocket factory workers — there is something desirable. Began to produce a mini-hydropower plant, which currently serve in Panama and Ecuador. Not long ago, a few units ordered for Kabardino-Balkaria. They who are gathering dust in the shops. To finish them, required materials, and buy it with.

— Here is the Chinese bus — with the exhibition was brought in, so we took over the experience, here is a hybrid model of the engine, which we did — indicates Kunitsky. — But something no one is interested.

On these engines a couple of years back with pride read former mayor Yuri Luzhkov. He was often at the factory — I love to walk around the shops, have a talk with the workers. For the town is a tremendous savings, if you start to put modification of the buses dreamed mayor. But on the broad smiles and encouraging statements did not get.

— But Look, it's chicken "powerhouse named Luzhkov," — smiling workers and point to the unusual design with plastic blades.

As they say, the mayor saw something similar on a foreign show and claimed to make the most experienced model.

— And after all that, did not want it for? — I ask. — Wind energy is in vogue today, they say, for her future.

— What you will need, of course. We are of one light bulb lit it half-heartedly and two diodika! — Laugh workers.

Local craftsmen invented how to bring the device to the brain — much less to do here, there is more thin. But the mayor about his power station promptly forgot it until now gathering dust in the shop.

— But this unit we purchased in 2008 — shows Valentin Romanov on a large unit. — Hour of his downtime costs us 16 thousand rubles.

The unique machine that drives the parts accurate to the thousandth shred mm, collecting dust for a year. Is not working and casting furnace, in which a vacuum is fully molded blades for hydro. At the Yankees on a similar production of high-quality 10-item obtained only 2 — 3, on TMZ — the whole dozen.

— In other words, some things we can do even better with their U.S. Silicon plain? And why do not we do then? — I ask.

— Here is our concept of modernization — throws up his hands Romanov.

Company History

1932 — factory built accelerated pace in the three months to start building civilian aircraft "Steel-2" and "Steel-3". Before the war, the plant produced 190 cars.

Of 1941 — 1945. — During the war, TMZ has released more than 8 thousand Yak-7 and Yak-9.

1946 — 1950 years. — TMZ produces a taxi "MOSCAB" Bodies of buses and trolleybuses. They are exported to Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria.

1952 — 1982 years. — The release of the B-300 missiles, aircraft, T-4. Modernized MiG-23, are going to experienced benchmarks for the Su-27 Sukhoi.

1983 — 1988 years. — TMZ is built on the orbiter "Buran". The unit successfully launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, made two revolutions around the Earth and was listed in the Guinness Record Book.

1992 — 1999 years. — Municipal orders dried up. TMZ produces medical equipment, buses, trolley buses, target missile, mini-hydro.

October 2010 — the plant is idle, began layoffs, wage arrears. Workers go to rallies, demanding the resignation of the director S. Ilyashenko.

March 2011 — CEO fired. The company's debts — about $ 5 billion. rubles. The property is arrested, several criminal cases in the previous administration.

Instead comment

Speed cut by the recoil energy

The first question that comes immediately after meeting with the skeletons in the closets industry: how and who is allowed? How can you first of the two thousandth in central Moscow just dismiss workers to divert funds to steal the documents? The last mayor often visited the plant, government bureaucrats ordered crossings, Bank of Moscow has extended loans. Why did not anyone caught himself and not pulled high-handed director (whom she herself municipality with the bank and appointed), is unclear. But professionals such history does not seem so unusual. As Director of the Center is responsible for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies Ruslan Pukhov, for Moscow is ordinary matter.

— Though what the establishment, located in the center or the city limits, at some point tear, — he says. — Hectares of land is very tasty morsel to allow the plant to operate. Many of the directors deliberately bankrupted the company. At first, this applies to those who were in the Garden ring, and now captures the entire city. On the waterfront was Luzhnetskaya aircraft engine factory "Union", a very exciting enterprise. But the cost per square meter overcame all their Innovative design — says Pukhov.

The land in the capital is a mind-blowing agents: hectares of land in the not very prestigious area — about $ 10 million. At the Tushino factory supplies 60 acres, to the center of the hand throw. What are the machines which rockets? Saw, Shura, saw!

— Develop a plant no one was going. It was a crisp white raiding — visit the company legitimate method, the removal of the production team, and then do what you want, — says the head of the Moscow City Committee of Trade Union of Workers of the aviation industry Sergey Chugunkov.

— Problem was — the company quickly drown and realize — agrees Ruslan Pukhov.

It's hard to think of a manager worse than the government, but to give to private hands strategic enterprise at the time did not dare. Now it seems that it is better to give too. The city long years away with the factory tried, but only became worse, says the expert of the Institute of Economics of the town Denis Vizgalov. Instead of getting real help plant grown thin after a bureaucratic offices subsidies and funny little thing like wind farms that could not paint the "right" offices.

A few years back there was a another story in the traditional spirit of the capital: Department of Transportation City Hall ordered the tram moving on the city, encouraging them to TMZ done half a billion, and the city has suddenly decided not to take them. Why? No one talked to him. Now rubber littered the entire plant, trams break asphalt, cars jumping over the rails, creating traffic jams. Where are united, "tramway" means, no one knows. This fashionable handset is not done — crossing ordered nearly half a billion rubles. Someone's age, this tire has already secured.

After decades of quiet rotting under bureaucratic supervision of the Moscow factories, including the Tushino expects the same quiet death, they say economists. Chance of survival is, but not in Moscow — in the country. And if you're very lucky.

— In a big city factories to survive very difficult. Not only in Moscow and Russia, and around the world is one and the same trend — squeezing all industrial companies beyond the big major cities — says Vizgalov.

The situation with the Tushino factory is not unique — it's just one of the 10-s and hundreds of examples. Directed attention to it simply because it can not get away, after all city property. Example mercantile out: right under the noses of the federal government and all ministries and departments under the discussion of modernization so simply took and killed a unique plant, does
well in the world of rockets. And how many more large and small companies have implemented and sawed?

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