Cases of anarchists preparing for trial

April 1, according to official reports, the introduction ends with the affairs of "anarchists" with respect to attacks on the building in 2010 and 2009.

Since the end of August last year, Minsk police together with the KGB actively investigates cases of activists of the anarchist movement, which, according to investigators, were involved in attacks on the Russian embassy in Minsk and other incidents with buildings and public institutions. It has been reported on the conclusion of the four activists of the anarchist movement. They are already familiar with the case materials, the human rights center "Viasna".

Human rights activist Alexander Yaroshevich said the latest information about detained anarchists:

"Maxim Vetkin, Alexander Franzkevich and Nicholas Dedok are now in prison in Volodarskogo and Igor Olinevich found in the KGB detention center. Now they get acquainted with the case. Someone meets separately from lawyers, some together. Approximately 12 April to end familiarization with the last of them, and then will transfer the case to the prosecutor's office, where she will go to court. That is, I believe, we can expect the court at the end of April, and perhaps a little earlier. "

Newlyweds have been charged under several articles of the Criminal Code, among which the most common — hooliganism, and the most serious moment of punishment — willful damage or destruction of property. Punished for it 12 years in prison.

Moreover, Alexander Frantskevich was charged an extra charge — the site of hacking Novopolotsk City Council. Such actions are punishable by article of the Criminal Code, "computer sabotage". Franzkevich — the only one of the prisoners who committed partially recognizes says Alexander Yaroshevich:

"Just know that Nicholas Dedok and Igor Olinevich plead not guilty. Franzkevich Only Alexander acknowledged that filmed the way someone threw flares at the police station in Soligorsk. And Igor Olinevich in BT propaganda film" Anarchy — Direct Action "agrees that antymilitarystskim participated in the march, which took place in September 2009, but did not consider it zlachynstam."

In the case of "anarchists" — a few episodes. Among them zakidyvaniem bottles of flammable liquid Russian Embassy in Minsk when the car was damaged. Damage to buildings outside the prison Akrestsin Minsk casino "Shangri-La", the Palace of Trade Unions, a subsidiary of "Belarusbank" and other incidents.

During sledva arrested dozens of activists not only the anarchist movement, but also environmental activists — "green", the opponents of nuclear power plant construction and other activists. According to information from the majority of those arrested in September last year, suspicions have already been removed.

Human rights activists say that in the course of the investigation of cases of attacks and arson, allegedly made by the anarchists, there have been many violations of the rights of the defendants.

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